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The last rate cut didn't help much, but I predict we will have at least one more one quarter percent cut, if not a half percent by year's end. Why do we need this? Because the benefit from the last cut was never realized because of a string of bad profits reports and the exposed massive losses of...
All we hear these days since Al Gore's movie,  "Inconvenient Truth", is about saving the Earth by Going Green.For most of us that immediately conjures up images of planting more trees and greening up our grass. Well, these things are good, but there are some real time savings by just doing a few ...
One of the most successful social network sites on the planet (5th Largest I beleive) sold a slice of itself to Microsoft for $240,000,000. Earlier CEO, 23 yr old Mark Zukerberg spurned a take over bid by Yahoo for $1,000,000,000. That is 1 cool billion. With Microsoft coming to the plate for a 1...
The Rancho Bernardo Fire Storm was an experience that produced an unexpected benefit that I want to share with each and everyone of you. Who could have ever imagined that a social network like ActiveRain would be so front and center to assuage the fear associated with the possibility of losing on...
Ronald McDonald House raffled off tickets raising $300,000 and the new home valued at 800,000 went to a local Pacific beach resident for the tidy sum of $150.00.The raffle House for a House was sponsored by McDonald's and Bosa Development, the builder of the 2 Bedroom 2 Bath condo at the Legend C...
Julian California is an old historic gold mining time about an hour east of San Diego. Gold was discovered here in the 1870’s. The town was founded after the civil war as veterans of the Southern Confederate headed west to seek their fortunes. Mike Julian and cousin Drew Bailey found the area to ...
With a tidal wave of expected foreclosures looming in the horizon, there is a move by Congress to expand the government-sponsored finance corporations.Increasing the portfolio size over the current $700 billion limit for each Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is opposed by the current administration. Th...
San Diego City-County Reinvestment Task Force wants to help prevent a possible neighborhood blight by having a new plan.San Diego's Councilman Tony Young co-chair of the task force has presented the City Council and Board of Supervisors of San Diego with some imposing and sweeping new recommendat...
One of the surest ways to be able to buy something for less is to increase its available supply. In this case, I am not talking water (although the water supply is involved in this discussion).  I am talking home values.San Diego imports 85% of its water supply.  With the advent of curtailing the...
Fall was in the air for families and friends of Carmel Mountain Ranch this past Sunday October 14th. With what appeared to be nearly 100 booths with vendors of all sorts, from crafts, home improvements to chiropractics, a few thousand people made their way down to Carmel Mountain Road for the Fal...

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