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I LIST and SELL Homes in San Diego and I want to Earn your Business. As a Proven and Trusted Market Leader in San Diego Real Estate, I provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers covering the many areas of San Diego County. With over 25 years experience, I will provide you the "careful and guided expertise" you need and expect.



Minimum $2000 Builders Fee On July 1, 2008, homebuilders throughout San Diego county will have to ante up at least $2000 for each new home they construct. The $2000 minimum fee was passed as part of the TransNet measure by voters in 2004. Almost half of the jurisdictions in San Diego County passe...
I was going through some of my books the other night and I came across one Titled "See How they Sell" "Success in Real Estate Sales". The author was a young women I had met years ago who was working with the California Association of REALTORS( CAR). I had spoken with her over the years about CAR ...
The San Diego Real Estate Market The title question refers to the the San Diego real estate market, of course. As the voice of San Diego real estate, I wanted to lift the shadows of the question for you and give my perspective on this. The Media  The press always seem to have their way , don't th...
California Homeowners For the homeowners and voting citizens of the State of California already suffering with values of their homes having dropped and equities disappearing, the California legislature is bringing forth something special to increase your excitement about your homes. This time in ...
As the voice for San Diego real estate I am pleased to announce that in a just released news items, NAR has settled with the Justice Department. "REALTORS Settle Case with US" and " NAR,DOJ Agree on MLS Policy". This settlement which I am sure comes as a relief to REALTORS and all concerned, will...
Each year we have a holiday called Memorial Day. Many of us reverently fly our flags and some even make gardens of colorful flowers to symbolize our nation"s loss. Many just think of it as another 3 day weekend in late spring that brings us the beginnings of summer. Wherever you might be on that ...
For a change we are hearing some good news being reported in the news. It would only be natural that it should first be reported in the Wall Street Journal. As the voice for San Diego Real Estate, it pleases me greatly to bring you this good news as first reported in the journal and now in The Re...
A special Thanks to Lenn Harley for suggesting that I re-title my personal blog site to better reflect my geographic location. She noticed that the TheRealEstateTextBook.com title tag did reflect my geographic location and was making my site more difficult to be recognised by the search engines ...
I found in my Great Thoughts of the Centuries Book a short writing that was written so long ago no one would recognize the author. But the vision and wisdom is no less true today. " The sage does not accumulate for himself. The more that he expends for others, the more does he possess of his own;...
I had a call  yesterday from a client whose is buying a 2nd home here in San Diego. Yesterday morning as she was going to her car, parked in the garage, she heard a loud stirring and it turned out to be a Florida native that lost its way. Not a 2 legged type mind you one but 4 foot long one with ...

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