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I LIST and SELL Homes in San Diego and I want to Earn your Business. As a Proven and Trusted Market Leader in San Diego Real Estate, I provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers covering the many areas of San Diego County. With over 25 years experience, I will provide you the "careful and guided expertise" you need and expect.



 I took this photo the other day at near dusk as a close up. This is one of the three hummers that practically lets me touch it. But he did start to back off with the camera lens so close to his face but he was OK in second. I took this to show a little more detail. You can see up close how the f...
San Diego California Tower of Man - Balboa Park Balboa Park is probably the one of biggest treasures the city of San Diego has to offer its citizens and tourists alike, if not at least the largest in acerage. The land was designated parkland for the 1915 California Panama Exposition. Next year wi...
Don't Touch! If you do happen to touch these, you will regret it. I promise!   If you are Buying, Selling or Relocating to San Diego and need help from a dedicated Real Estate professional with 25 Years of San Diego Real Estate Listing and Sales experience,    Sign up below for Listing alerts for...
 It is Getting Close to Fireworks Time It is that time of year again to get some night time practice of taking photos of Fireworks. Each year I learn a small modicum of technique giving me a chance to experiment and try different settings and timing. Understand that most fireworks displays last a...
Say it Again!   When it comes to relevant content, there is one thing we need to keep in mind that helps most in understanding SEO. Lets say 2 years ago you wrote a post about the 10 best ways for a Buyer to make their own "best decisions' in purchasing property. For the next few weeks, buyers ma...
Incredible Metal Artistry in Borrego Springs I had to drive through the mountains today to look over at property for a friend located in the remote mountainous area that overlooks Palm Desert. Some pretty amazing sights were found along the way. On Rt 74 on the return trip, I was taken with a few...
While HDR (High Dynamic Range ) is not really suitable for marketing most real estate, it can add definition and an attractive effect to photos giving them a slightly surreal feeling. I use Photomatrix for Aperture and the software processing gives me a greater range of luminosity that prevents b...
Photo Friday - Stephanotis One of my all time favorite summer bloomers is the Stephanotis. The flower is commonly referred to as the wedding flower. It's long stems have numerous clusters and is very showy. It is highly fragrant and the flower itself is thick and wax like. It blooms in clusters r...
Be Careful With What You Ask For I suppose this phrase is also applicable to real estate but this morning, it is about something else.  I have been feeding the Hummers in the neighborhood for quite some time now. So either my formula for the nectar is getting to these hummers sweet tooth or the b...
Another one of the treasures here in San Diego is the huge presence of our Navy and Marines. And along with that the Miramar Naval Air Station. The  south-end of this military airbase is our new National Cemetery. When this cemetery was proposed, one of the features beyond it's incredible size, i...

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