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When I suggested to my wife that I was interested in writing about the toilet and its history for my weekly newspaper column, her response was, "You're joking, right? Isn't that a bit indelicate?" "How could such an essential fixture in our homes be indelicate?" I asked. It seems that some essent...
Will Rogers used to say that all he knew was what he read in the newspapers.  But, how do the newspapers know? As the journalist for a real estate column in local newspapers in my area of New York, I know by listening to other people who are good at rounding up information and making sense of it ...
Roof Ice Dams, Damned Nuisance, Must Be Addressed When I moved from the city to a home in the suburbs, I really enjoyed our first winter of heavy snow. I remember that when I build a snow man for my four-year old daughter, it stayed clean, fresh and white, rather than being speckled with black so...
How many times do realtors show clients a house and together they discover a "dated" bathroom from the 1950s, and frequently, it just happens to be pink? They always want to tear it out first thing, right? Well, maybe not anymore. After enduring the "blues" of a battered economy for the past few ...

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