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  July 17, 2008 We find ourselves at mid year and I have just compiled a market report for June for our office. Though this is hardly the place to post all of the findings, here are just a few of the numbers and we're seeing: 1) The good news is that marketing time is down from the same year to d...
  May 19, 2008 Spring is in the air in Lowndes county and we find ourselves in the midst of the free for all fever pitch of activity that is the end of school year. Baseball season ending, dance recitals, graduation, and Memorial day vacation are all coming to a head. Of course I'm just reaching ...
April 30, 2008Make yourself scarce -  For both agents and sellers there are few things more athan that one out of every ten seller who just insists upon hanging around their house during broker caravan, open houses and the cardinal of all sins, during private showings. I don't mean to be insensti...
April 23, 2008In fifteen years of working our market, I can't recall a time when it was more "challenging" than now to move a home from being on the market to having it closed. "Challenging", of course,  is the word that many of us in the business are using to package the current situation instea...
April 18, 2007In industry climates like these, we are all afforded a chance to catch our breath and we finally have time to "look under the hood" and really evaluate our best practices in brokerage and individual agent businesses. Many offices within the C-21 system and the business as a whole ar...
April 14, 2008Regardless of all the doom and gloom being pronounced by the pundits, let me assert that people are still buying real estate in the Valdosta-Lowndes County markets. Don't get me wrong because times are tough. Our listing inventory has crested 1200 houses for sale and current absorpt...
April 7, 2008I spent an interesting few hours today on a telecon with top brokers from around the Southeast about a new tech initiative that C -21 is offering all it's franchisees. It's called LeadRouter and carries the main purpose of eqiupping offices to handle leads generated by the internet. ...
April 6, 2008 Well, I felt real confident wih the info I posted on Friday because the numbers that I ran on Monday really couldn't have changed that much, could they? Each month I run the absortion rate at the beginning of the month based upon last month's activity. The absorption rate is a great...
 April 4, 2004Despite  a lot of apprehension in the market, we are beggining to see signs of improvement. Inventory is remainding steady at just below 1100 residential listings within our service area. Quarterly figures gleaned from our MLS show that there have been 474 total transactions in the ...

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