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  Granted there is a lot to complain about, with todays economy. But on the bright side: 30 year fixed rates are down to 5.625% with 0 discount points for conventional. 30 year fixed rates are also down to 5.5% with 0 discount points for FHA. Great deals are also available now on real estate too!...
  If you are looking to purchase a home and were planning on getting down payment assistance from the seller with a FHA program. The message has been sent. START LOOKING FOR A HOME NOW WHILE IT'S STILL AVAILABLE. Legislation is pending for the elimination of seller-funded down payment assistance(...
  I have maintained since the beginning of 2008 that this is the time to refinance or purchase a new home because the timing is perfect. Prices are down, rates are low(remember at the end of January when you could get 5.375% on a 30 year fixed with 0 points).  I had several people who refused to ...
  Sometimes when a client is paying off their old mortgage, I will often get the question. Should I pay this month's payment? The answer is yes, pay the mortgage on it's due date. Since  your credit profile puts a great deal of weight on mortgage payment history, it is not worth the gamble to hol...
  I must start by saying that I have always favored a fixed mortgage over an adjustable. This is  what I grew up with, and I have always felt that in the long term, fixed is the way to go.(To me it's just feels comfortable). However, that being said there are times where the market and the borrow...
  In most cases when you attempt to finance a home you will find out fairly quickly whether it is in a flood zone or not. The latter requires no additional insurance. This is pretty straight forward and 99% of the time, the determination is accurate. However, there are rare times when a property ...
  Today, I am covering FHA Loan basics, which has information about this exciting loan option. Today FHA has proven once again what a great program it is by either helping people stay in their homes or by giving them the opportunity to purchase a piece of the American dream. This can be done with...
  Okay, this may be a very DRY blog, but it contains basic conventional loan guidelines that can be useful when starting to look at this loan option for a purchase or refinance.    Conventional: Maximum Loan Amount: 417K Credit score minimum: 620 Credit score minimum to get best rates: 680 Maximu...
  I have mentioned in an earlier topic about the FHA mortgage insurance changes that will become effective on July 14th. These changes are just a shift toward a credit score and loan to value of the property based system(risked based pricing). The changes that will be mentioned below  reflect one...
  Since the pendulum has swung from letting anyone with a "pulse" being able to get stated loans, to just about gone from most lending institutions no matter how good your credit history is, and being outlawed in certain states, this has become a popular topic with my clients. What does this mean...

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