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It's true! Check out this really cool video one of our fans made for us!  A Wise Agent rap song!?  
How to choose the right CRM A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program is a crucial element of a successful agent's business.  With so many options out there, finding the right one can be confusing to say the least.  How do you choose the right one for YOU?  Here are three easy steps t...
How many times have you been out of the office but needed to get information from your assistant? It can be a frustrating thing, not having your own desk right there at your fingertips all the time, and constantly having to play message relay with your assistant. When you use Wise Agent, all that...
Have you tried other real estate management programs, or contact management software programs? Did you think that you were trying it for free, only to find out a month later that you’ve now been charged for, and committed to, an extended contract? Or have you knowingly purchased this kind of soft...
Go Paperless with Wise Agent! As a Realtor, how many files do you carry around with you throughout the day? Huge folders stuffed with home inspections, offers to purchase, lawyer documents, and all your own personal information, all shoved into your overstuffed briefcase every day. All of it can ...
  New Stock Drip Campaigns now Available! High-quality content has always been an important feature to Wise Agent members.  Every day we receive feedback on our variety of drip email campaigns - members tell us they are well thought out, not the one- or two-sentence letters you see in other Real ...
Here at Wise Agent, we have been very busy redesigning the Client Summary pages – not only streamlining the existing features, but also adding many important tools to help you build better relationships with your client database.When you click on a client’s name from anywhere in the program, you ...
  One of the great marketing tools Wise Agent provides you with is a customizable monthly newsletter.  Designed for email or print, our two-page newsletter is automatically branded with your photo, logo, and contact information, and filled with current real estate and seasonal information.  It t...
We recently told you about our latest release – the redesign of your Wise Agent account.  We hope you’re finding the transition is easy and you’re starting to get used to how quick it is to navigate the system now. As a part of that update, we’ve also added a few more options just for you – takin...
In response to multiple suggestions, we have gone live with a new look!  Wise Agent has been redesigned to give it improved feel and function. Instead of three rows of buttons at the top of every page, there is now just one.  All the functionality you’re used to is still there – nothing has been ...

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