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A blog forum discussing issues and developments in the fields of Brownfields tax credits, Historic Rehabilitation tax credits, Renewable Energy tax credits, syndicating and monetizing tax credits, and tax credit industry news and insights.
  Frustration towards BP in wake of oil spill Above is a link to a video about on a case that I am working on that appeared on NECN on its 5pm new’s broadcast last night, June 4, 2010.  The focus of the news media has been how consumers are boycotting BP gas stations because of the oil spill in t...
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SUCCESSFUL TAX CREDIT AWARD AND SYNDICATION  Needham, Massachusetts, June 4, 2010  Warren Kirshenbaum is pleased to announce his successful representation of a Massachusetts Developer for whom he secured a large tax credit award of 2010 Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credits (the "...
Needham, Massachusetts, May 27, 2010 Warren Kirshenbaum is pleased to announce his successful representation of Saywatt Hydroelectric, LLC, a Massachusetts based hydro-electric plant operator in its recent purchase of the Mechanicsville Hydroelectric Project ("Mechanicsville").     Mechanicsville...
This post is a reprint of an article that I wrote for the LSPA (Licensed Site Professionals Association), published on April 20, 2010. This article is intended to serve as a follow-up to an article that appeared in the February 2010 Newsletter in which Ned Abelson, a prominent Boston environment...
I was meeting with a commercial tenant representative today over coffee, and during our discussion about what trends he was noticing in business, he said that he had been accumulating leads more rapidly over the past few months.  His view was that people were starting to consume more, or at least...
You would have to be a complete loser to not be able to hold on to the democratic senate seat held for the past half century by the late Ted Kennedy in liberal Massachusetts.  Turns out, all you had to be was Martha Coakley.  Nothing against Scott Brown, who proved to be an astute politician, ta...
Dear Friends: With year-end traditionally being a time to slow down and reflect, this post is intended to be a review of the past year, and a prognosis of sorts for what the transactional deal marketplace may show us in 2010. However, slowing down and reflecting on this year only gives me that po...
The Boston Globe, on November 26, 2009 reported that Governor Deval Patrick had signed into law a recently enacted statute dubbed the "expiring use" bill.  This new law will have the effect of preserving as affordable, thousands of units of housing in Massachusetts intended to be used by low-inco...
As developers continue to realize that developable land is fast becoming a scare commodity, it will become more necessary to re-develop sites once home to industries that have long been dormant in our current economy, such as cotton mills, tanneries, leather producers, metal finishing, storage an...
Last week, in a Massachusetts Land Court decision, Judge Long issued a Memorandum and Order denying the motions to vacate the previous judgments that he had entered in the consolidated cases of U.S. Bank National Association v. Ibanez and Wells Fargo Bank v. Larace (both referred to hereinafter ...

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