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  WoodBriar subdivision is in a great area conveniently located in Midland Ga on the NE side of Columbus Ga.   Some of the most desireable schools are located close by along with a lot of the new shopping in the area.   It also has easy access to the Manchester Expressway and JR Allen Pkwy so get...
NorthStar Subdivision is the newest subdivision for Hughston Homes....  Only 4 miles to Fort Benning the Hughstons have decided to build these homes with a custom upgrade package  already included.    We have found that most people have common upgrades in mind like Granite countertops, Tile Floo...
Fort Mitchell Alabama has become a hot area for Real Estate as there are several big regional players building homes in the area.   Crown Communities has 3 subdivisions in the area along with Legacy Homes and Patriarch Homes has 3 communities within Patriots Point.    Several additional builders ...
As with many things - just asking the question - is a good first step. 1) Contact a mortgage professional in the town you wish to purchase in.   The reason I have this as the first step is that a mortgage professional can pull your credit and advise you on where you are at and how to get where yo...
Your first home purchase can seem like an overwhelming task but it is really not that hard.  Here we go. Step 1 - Research professional Realtors in the area you would like to find a home.  That is a pretty easy task now with the internet.  Just Google your City, State, Real Estate and then begin ...
   Most successful investors say to "buy - low and sell - high"!    This is always easier said than done but if you ask when would be the best time to buy real estate in our area - I think it would be when the following criteria is in place.  1) Low interest rates2) Plenty of inventory3) Motivate...
Phenix City cleared a major hurdle for the Troy State University Business School to locate along the River in Phenix City.    The Office of Housing and Development approved the purchase of the Triangle property at the 700 and 800 blocks of Phenix City.   This is the land designated to be used for...
More good economic news for Columbus is that Cessna broke ground this week for a new manufacturing plant.   The 100,000 sq. ft. plant will be located on 40 acres of the technology park in east Columbus.   Officials said that the business climate in Columbus coupled with a willing and able work fo...
  General Patreaus is visiting Fort Benning this weekend.   Friday he honored the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion.  They were African American Paratroopers in WW11.   Saturday he will be attending the Airborne graduation of his son Steven.   General Patreaus says that he will have the honor of...
Recently a crain set into place a restored 23 ton Bradley Fighting Vehicle at the Fort Benning Infantry Museum.   The Bradley will be one of the focal points of the 170,000 sq. ft. Museum adjacent to Fort Benning GA.   This particular Bradley was used by the 4th Infantry Division in Iraqi Freedom...

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Homes for Sale In Fort Benning Ga
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