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Trivia question answers for Monday August 19, 20191. The metal device your parents used to measure your feet is called a what? Brannock device2. How many countries border Brazil? 103. What is the name of the slab that became the key for deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics? The Rosetta Ston...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 18, 20191. What is the longest river in the world? The Nile2. Which salad dressing was named after a play? Green Goddess3. How many times can you fold a regular piece of paper in half? 74. A "scratch test" is usually performed when a doctor suspects the p...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 17, 20191. How many watts make a kilowatt? 1,0002. What former NFL star was the author of a book about needlepoint for men? Rosey Grier3. What is the name of the production company founded by Oprah Winfrey in 1986? Harpo4. What was the name of Michael J...
Trivia question answers for Friday August 16, 20191. In what organ of the body is insulin produced? Pancreas2. In the movie "Easy Rider", where did Wyatt and Billy hide their drugs? Their gas tanks3. What is the only continent without native reptiles and snakes? Antartica4. What joins muscles to ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 15, 20191. What kind of store did John Travolta's character work at in the movie "Saturday Night Live"? Hardware store2. At bingo, which number is two fat ladies? 883. How many times is a trains whistle blasted if it is about to move forward? Two4. How ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday August 14, 20191. In tarot cards, what is the equivalent on the joker? The Fool2. What is the NATO phonetic alphabet word for "I"? India3. How is Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known? Mark Twain4. What fast food chain offered a sandwich known as the "Big Mon...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 13, 20191. What is the FBI motto? Fidelity, bravery, integrity2. What is the collective name for chicken, ducks and turkeys in the wild? Fowl3. Petroselinum crispum is the latin name of which herb? Parsley4. In ballet, a lowering of the body by bending t...
Trivia question answers for Monday August 12, 20191. The philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, made his fortune in what industry? Steel2. What precious stone's name was derived from the Greek word meaning "unconquerable"? Diamond3. In pool, what color is the 6-ball? Green4. What was the first magazine...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 11, 20191. "Whistler's Mother" was the first painting by an American to be displayed at what museum? The Louvre2. Christmas Seals are sponsored by what non-profit organization? The Lung Association3. What was the original brand of cereal whose mascot was ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 10, 20191. What is known as Ireland's "kissing rock"? The Blarney Stone2. What explorer introduced chickens to the New World? Christopher Columbus3. What is the longest one syllable word in the English language? Screeched4. Where did Rocky Balboa keep h...

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