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Trivia question answers for Friday May 24, 20191. Joe Cool is an alter ego of which comic strip character? Snoopy2. What are the main ingredients of borscht? Beet roots and red cabbsge3. What is the only US state to boast a radio station whose call letters are the exact same name as the city? Wac...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 23, 20191. What title has the wife of an Earl? Countess2. What animal my be Stag, Rhinocerous or Dung? Beetle3. In what year did the show "Sixty Minutes" premier on TV? 19684. What is an Aasvogel? A VultureTrivia questions for Friday May 24, 20191. Joe Coo...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday May 22, 20191. What year was the character of Betty Crocker first introduced? 19212. What is the highest number on a standard roulette table? 363. What was the real last name of Americn hero Johnny Appleseed? Chapman4. What name is given to the vertical bar o...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday May 21, 20191. Who was fired from the Interior Department in 1865 for having written "Leaves of Grass"? Walt Whitman2. What two pins are left standing in bowling's hardest split to pick up? 7 & 103. According to business studies, what is the most productive day...
Trivia question answers for Monday May20, 20191. Often worn by young girls, "Mary Janes" are what type of fashion item? Shoes2. The candy "PEZ" was first sold in which country? Austria3. What two things need to be combined to form an "interrobang"? A question and an exclamation point4. Cap'n Crun...
Trivia question answers for Sunday May 19, 20191. Which famous number was dreaded by people in Orwell's 1984? 1012. Which US President served the shortest term in office? William Henry Harrison3. What original animal mascot for Trix cereal was replaced by a rabbit in 1967? Flamingo4. In French, w...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 18, 20191. What was H.G. Wells first novel? The Time Machine2. What is an uncastrated, adult male horse called? Stallion3. What milk is Pecorino cheese made from? Ewe's4. What kind of birds would you find in a gaggle? GeeseTrivia questions for Sunday May 1...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 17, 20191. What was banned in the US under the terms of the 18th amendment? Alcohol2. How many days can a cockroach live without its head? 103. Where do Rocky and Bullwinkle play football? Wossamotta U4. What is a gricer interested in? TrainsTrivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 16, 20191. In pool, what color is the 4-ball? Purple2. What was the only nation to qualify for all 16 soccer World Cups in the 20th century? Brazil3. What is a fruit machine? A slot machine4. Acording to the ad, how many licks does it take to get to the ce...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday May 15, 20191. From 1916 to 1938, what US coin featured a buffalo on its back side? The nickel2. What is a "half hunter"? A pocket watch3. What number appears on Donald Duck's car plate? 3134. What day is hump day? Wednesday (thanks to all who caught the typo...

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