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We are all amazed at how fast the month of January has gone by. Many of the AR blogs have posted positive quotes, stories or affirmations as I have done this month. As we now take the time to reflect on what we have accomplished so far and where we have fallen short of our goals, it is time to as...
29 days of posting an affirmation of the day has given me the opportunity to review the accumulation I have been fortunate to collect over the years. Nice to finally put them to good use. So here is the affirmation of the day: "In life we always have pain. Your choice is to live with the pain of ...
January seems to be flying by at break neck speed. Business has been the best first month of the year in the past three years and it seem to be showing signs of carrying over into February. I think it has to do with one of my many "new year resolutions" to listen more and talk less. So with that ...
Wow, we are 27 days into the new year and I have somehow kept myself on track by, I think, posting a daily affirmation. Hard to believe I have made this a daily calling, but here goes number 27: "Persistence - Once a task has begun never leave it alone until it is done. Though the task be great o...
Shortly we will be looking at the month of January in the rearview mirror. Real Estate is a relationship business requiring you to always be putting your best foot forward. You are a unique individual with particular talents to aid others to make the best decision for themselves. That said here i...
What a great start to Tuesday morning. The temperature in Southwest Florida is in the low 60's with a projected high today near 80 degrees. After sundown the temperature is slated to drop fast, the winds pick up and heavy rain after midnight. How quickly the weather can change this time of year. ...
My work week usually runs from Saturday through Friday. After the Bears lost to the Packers yesterday, I decided to forget the past and begin this work week on a positive note starting this morning. This week is the last of a whirlwind January and it is important to get off to a good start. That ...
Today's affirmation could be categorized as a thought for the day. Yesterday I was amused as many complained of the cold weather while I was basking in the Southwest Florida sun and enjoying a normally chilly 65 degrees. This morning the temperature is a brisk 38 degrees and that is not good for ...
It is Saturday morning. Sometimes on Saturday some of the posts are "silent Saturday." Today's affirmation is short and easy to understand. Having said that I constantly forget it's order and reverse it. The question of the day is "do you sometimes reverse the role's too? So here goes the affirma...
After a whirlwind 20 days of working on real estate, it is time for a day off so I can work on all the other things I neglected. In Florida our season lasts from January 1st through April then tapers off a bit until the end of the year. That's our time to schedule vacation. Now for today's affirm...


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