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Are you ready to spring forward? Really ready? You have changed your clocks, but are you ready to change your thinking? Is it time to commit to springing your life forward? Great day to review your business plan. Great day to correct any mistakes and solidify your strengths. The economy is improv...
Life is like a cafeteria. You can get whatever you would like if you are agreeable to pay the price. But like a cafeteria you cannot simply sit down and wait for another to serve you. It is a cafeteria and they are self service. The same can be said of success. The only place success is found bef...
Do you find yourself too busy to smell the roses? Do you get so busy you lose sight of the things that really matter? Do you lose sight of your real priorities? Do you promise yourself that just as soon as you get caught up you will make amends? Sound familiar? Are you quietly shaking you head in...
What makes life interesting? The challenges we face daily. We are challenged to make difficult choices and have to choose what path to take. How often do you have to choose between a healthy meal or junk food? It is an easy choice but is it the right choice? Do you look forward to the challenges ...
Do you sometimes get sidetracked by what you cannot do instead of setting your focus on your to do list? Don't despair, you are not alone! At one time or another, we are all guilty. Why? Who knows! Maybe we just are good at making excuses which interfere with our journey to accomplish our goals! ...
Are you a dictator or one who is dictated too? Are you the producer or product of circumstance? Do you take repsonsibility for your actions or blame the circumstances, or others, for the results? Do you spend your time taking positive action to improve your circumstances? Do you freely admit your...
I know most of you are thinking I am nuts because CPI should stand for "consumer price index." Well, it's Monday morning and the week is shaping up to be a busy one, CPI for this day stands for "continual process improvement," If you practice my definition you will be economically equipped to dea...
Ever follow a political poll and see the results followed by a comment "plus or minus theee percent? Most polls have a margin of error. Do you have a business plan? Do you hit the numbers exactly, or upon close examination you are off plus or minus? In Washington, by their reported numbers, they ...
The true measure of a man is not what he knows but what he does with what he knows. Did you ever find yourself  asking: "Am I so busy collecting information but failing to use it to wisely?" Most of us enjoy collecting information yet most often fail to apply the concepts!  The way I see it, coll...


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