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Dave Liniger did 4:12 with Bob Stewart on the ABC's of real estate. It was as basic as one can get about time management in this business. Everyone  should listen to it and be reminded of what makes us money. And then we should do what is necessary to be spending more time in front of people list...
The long sought "R" word has surfaced in Southwest Florida and other parts of the country. Is it "Rebound" or "Recovery?" Does it really matter what we call it? The "results" are really what matter and they remain the same no matter what we call it! Sales are up and inventory is down. Building pe...
We live with pain all the time. Everything we do requires an effort on our part. The good thing is we have a choice. We can choose to take action and accept responsibility for those actions or do nothing and accept responsibility for the result of our inaction. So the thought for the day to ponde...
Are your eyes firmly focused on the goal? Are you committed? Do you possess the necessary determination for success? Do you sometimes question yourself?  Do you sometimes go off course and then spend time making excuses consuming time that should be used to complete your journey? Let's face it, w...
Do you ever look at the success of someone else and conclude that they just must be lucky? Do you get a bit jealous? Are there really lucky people or are they deep thinkers and hard workers? Who is to blame? When you have these thoughts about another person, remember this: "The primary difference...
Some Days you teach, some days you learn. Easy to say, hard to accomplish. It might be more correct to say that when you are talking you are teaching and when you are listening you are learning. When talking choose your words carefully and when you are listening, pay attention! I like the followi...
Read an article yesterday about foreclosures. It was not a surprise that Bank of America, GMAC, Chase, Wells Fargo and Citi had a high number of foreclosures. It was a bit of a surprise that a high number of those foreclosures were vacant! The article claimed that 20% of foreclosures were vacant!...
Saturday and Sunday marked the 6th annual Elvis Fest at the Indian Casino in Immokalee Florida. The Sunday events were packed with great performers paying tribute to the King! Some of the tribute artists were young and one was a gray haired guy who was 74. Regardless of age, they all did a great ...
Today at the Indian Casino in Immokolee Florida they are having an Entertainer Tribute Artists competition. This will be the sixth annual contest and last year's winner Irv Cross will have a special one hour show! Never one to take time off, this is the exception. As an Elvis fan, this is a local...
There are many things that are hard to remember and easy to forget! We all suffer from this trait at one time or another in our lives. One thing that sticks out for me is controlling anger. I work on it all the time and yet it overcomes me at the most inopportune times. So hard to remember and ye...


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