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What is A CDD? As a Florida real estate agent who focuses on new construction in master planned comunities I am often asked that question. Some inquirers have no clue, some don't have the proper information and a few undestand the basics. A (CDD) Community Development District is a local, special...
Kolter is concentrating on marketing Fairway Cove, a 93 unit single family home neighborhood with home from 1,831 to 2,020 square feet of living area. Since homes of that size will not satisfy the needs of everyone a common question is: "Does Kolter build anything else in Verandah?" Kolter is now...
When selling new construction in a master planned community, one of the most frequently asked question is what type of product do you offer? The Fairway Cove neighborhood currently offers 4 floor plans ranging in size from 1,831 square feet to 2,020 square feet of living space. The Isle floor pla...
What type of activities are available at the Verandah? The Verandah Club is nestled into a picturesque oak hammock near the scenic Orange River and includes 1. Oak Park - A playground and tree house shaded by mature oaks and sabal palms, creating a relaxing environment. 2. Golf House - Verandah's...
As a new home sales consultant for Kolter Homes at Verandah in Ft. Myers, a frequently asked question is  "How big is Verandah? The answer is 1,456 acres of master planned community along a 1.75 mile stretch of the Orange River. Nearly 70 percent of the community will be open space, with 480 acre...
Don't let anger cloud your mind! Six simple words when put together are sometimes so hard to follow. Over the years I have acquired frequent flier miles from Delta Airlines. Lately, do not travel for business and seldom for pleasure. Delta offered a magazine discount using some frequent flier mil...
The definition of redundancy is "superfluousness, the state or fact of not being needed or wanted." Not sure, but think we may have that situation in regards to the federal government trying to regulate the issuance of residential mortgage loans. At present there are six regulators weighing in on...
The Pendulum Swings! Gone are the days of "too big to fail" only to be replaced by a more opressive "too small to comply." In a never ending sea of rules and regulations the small guy cannot meet the requirements of compliance in an economical way. Is the government, intentionally or unintensiona...
Do you consider yourself a producer? Do you produce the circumstances that surround you? Or, are you the product of the circumstances that surround you? Do you stay the course and stay focused on the goal? Or, do you give up to early and settle for less than one hundred percent? Are you being hon...
Does interference prevent you from accomplishing important tasks? Are you easily distracted? Does your time get consumed by what you cannot do and take away from tasks you can do? It happens to all of us from time to time. The key is to know when it is happening and get back to more important mat...


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