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The beginning is near. The New Year begins shortly. Are you ready? Have your business plan completed? New year resolutions on place? Anything new or the same as last year? Did you follow your business plan this year and keep your resolutions? Last thought of the year: "Breakthroughs only occur wh...
Life is full of choices. Sometimes we choose correctly and sometimes not. Nobody bats one thousand and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Do we blame someone else for the mistake or take responsibility for it? It is our choice and how we choose dictates how we think! Life is full of choices. T...
The end is near. It is an easy statement at this time of year with only 12 days left. But in reality we fight the issue of time all year long when we are in situations where we seemingly have more tasks then time. The next time you find yourself in that situation, pause, set priorities and go for...
Are you an octopus? Do you sometimes feel yourself in motion but unsure of you direction? Have you heard of the saying "failing to plan is planning to fail?" Do you lack the discipline to make the most of your talent? One of my favorite affirmations is: "Talent without discipline is like an octop...
Goals are number one. It needs to be a focus at this time of year as we finalize our business plan for the upcoming year. Have you reviewed your goals for this year? Have you noted were you succeeded and why? Have you noted where you failed and why? Ready to set goals for 2014 and note how you wi...
Learning is the easy part, consistency is the hard part. Learning to do something can be difficult. Applying what you have learned and making it a consistent part of your normal routine is even more difficult. One area that needs constant attention is the art of listening. The affirmation for me ...
Do you pay attention to expiration dates? Most do when they go to the grocery store. Dou you pay attention at other times? What about ideas to increase your business or make your systems more efficient? So, today's affirmation is: "Ideas have a short shelf life. Youmust act upon them before the e...
First is not always best! Florida cities lead in foreclosures. In the month of November Florida captured eight out of ten spots for cities with the highest rate of foreclosures according to Realty Trac. 1. Jacksonville, one foreclosure per 288 homes 2. Miami, one foreclosure per 307 homes. 3. Por...
Some are lucky, some are determined. We all know people we define as lucky! We all know people who we define as determined. Some of us know people so determined that others people will define the as lucky! The next time you think about it, think about this: "The primary difference between you and...
What is your biggest fear? Is it a fear of the dark? Is it a fear of heights? Is it a fear of some animal? Do you really have a fear? We all have a fear of something. What is yours? The one thing I fear is summed up in today's affirmation: "I'm frightened I don't have time!" Got to go! Enjoy your...

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