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Trivia questions for Tuesday March 31, 2015 1. What is the Spanish word for Navy?   Armada 2. Trinidad and Tobago is part of which continent?   North America 3. What movie gave us the tagline "The first casualty of war is innocence"?   Platoon 4. Syncope is the medical term for what? Fainting Tri...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 30, 2015 1. Which composer of the "Rite of Spring" was still alive to see his music used in Disney's "Fantasia?   Igor Stravinski 2. What U.S. state gave the world Little Richard, Otis Redding and Gladys Knight?   Georgia 3. Which leader's statue was pulle...
Trivia question answers for Sunday March 29, 2015 1. Which deceased employee of Claudius had a parrot named Captain Kidd?   John Silver 2. What famous "Bay" is Jamaica's fourth largest city?   Montego Bay 3. What "Smoke and the Bandit" movie star played the blacksmith on "Gunsmoke"?   Burt Reynol...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 28, 2015 1. The comic strip "Spy vs Spy" first debuted in which publication?   Mad Magazine 2. Willapa Bay opens into what body of water?   Pacific Ocean 3. What TV show starred Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster/Lambert?   Step by Step 4. What is the name o...
Trivia question answers for Friday March 27, 2015 1. In Roman Mythology who killed Remus?   Romulus 2. In what movie does Redfoot flick his cigarette into the face of  McManus?   The Usual Suspects 3. What was Albert Einstein's first job after graduating from Zurich Poytehnic?   Patent Clerk 4. W...
Trivia questions for Thursday March 26, 2015 1. Which Dickens character asked for more?  Oliver Twist 2. Which is the only independant  state smaller than Monaco?  The Vatican 3. How much did it cost to take the New York City subway when it began in 1904?  Five Cents 4.What Falcon is the fastest ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 25, 2015 1. In music, how should a section labeled as "fortississimo" be played?  Loudest 2. Bridgetown is the capital of which Caribbean island?  Barbados 3. What is a five-letter name for a young dog?   Whelp 4. What is a Dubbel?  A Belgium Beer Style...
Trivia questions for Tuesday March 24, 2014 1. Which food of the gods gives immortality?  Ambrosia 2. What old Massachusetts town is nicknamed "Witch City"?   Salem 3. George Washington was a member of which political party?  Federalist Party 4. Black eyed peas are not peas, what are they?   Bean...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 23, 2015 1. Tony Pastor is credited with popularizing what form of theater in the early 1880's?   Vaudeville 2. Who signed off his radio show by saying "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"?   Casey Kasem 3. What connection did Tho...
Trivia question answers for Sunday March 22, 2015 1. What musical instrument is Woody Allen proficient at?   Clarinet 2. What pilot first broke the sound barrer in 1947?   Chuck Yaeger 3. What part of the eye is damaged by glaucoma?   The optic nerve 4. What candy company makes Goobers and Raisin...

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