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Trivia question answers for Saturday March 21, 2015 1. Shoes worn by ballerinas are also called what?  Pointe Shoes 2. In what 1985 film does Michael Palin co-star with a pig?  A Private Function 3. What type of snake is a Sidewinder?   Rattlesnake 4. French Silk Pie is most commonly flavored wit...
Trivia question answers for Friday March 20, 2015 1. Which Jane Austen novel was rewritten in 2009 to include zombies?  Pride & Prejudice 2, Which president had a swimming pool installed in the White House?  Franklin Roosevelt 3. What element's chemical symbol is Pb?   Lead's 4. What is the Europ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday March 19, 2015 1. How many ghosts appear to Scrooge in Dicken's A Christmas Carol?   Four 2. In 1926, Admiral Richard Byrd made the first flight over which pole?   North Pole 3. In medical terminology, the "voice box" is known as what?   Larynx 4. In a P2P net...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 18, 2015 1. What musical is the sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera"?   Love never Dies 2. What is "Dan" short for in former US vice president Dan Quayle's name?   Danforth 3. What hormone enables women to have a sense of smell superior to men?   Estrog...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday March 17, 2015 1. Who created the "Spy vs Spy" silent comic strip?   Antonio Prohias 2. Which is the largest island of the Caribbean islands?   Cuba 3. What movie was Sean Penn's directorial debut?   Indian Runner 4. Which planet has a year that lasts 88 days? ...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 16, 2015 1. What happens if Pinnochio tells a lie?   His nose grows 2. Which river separates New Hampshire and Vermont?   Connecticut River 3. What is the name of the Mob boss voiced by Tony Mantegna on the TV show "The Simpson's"? Fat Tony 4. Who was the ...
Trivia questios for Sunday March 15, 2015 1. What 4 evangelists wrote the Gospels?  Matthew, Mark, Luke & John 2. What two rivers meet in Nebraska to form the Platte River?   North Platte & South Platte Rivers 3. In the Simpsons, who sings to Homer and the other astronauts in space?   James Taylo...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 14, 2015 1. What Shakespeare play is set on January 5th?   Twelfth night 2. Where is the Guggenheim Mueseum?   New York City 3.  What television show's theme was played at the commissioning of the first space shuttle?  Star Trek 4. In which country did C...
Trivia Question answers for Friday March 13, 2015 1. Who wrote the book "Rights of Man"?   Thomas Paine 2. St. Albans was the start and Bosworth field was the finish of what?   War of the Roses 3. What disease is the focus of oncology?  Cancer 4. Before starting to make cars, what was Toyota's fi...
Trivia question answers for Thursday March 12, 2015 1. What is by far the most famous painting in the Louvre?   Mona Lisa 2. How many Oscars did "The Color Purple" collect from its 11 nominations?   None 3. People suffering from hyalophagia do what?   Eat Glass 4. What are the basic ingredients o...

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