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A real beyond expectation of a joke this evening. Time for a long break to allow for corrections. They my make them, they may not. At this point can spend my time in other venues. Think I am disappointed! It would be a gross understatement. A loyal follower since being invited by Steve Hoffaker, ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 11, 2015 1. What style painting are Cezanne, Degas, Manet, and Monet all linked with?   Impressionism 2. Which is colder, the North or South Pole?   South Pole 3. What famous blind musician has the real given last name Judkins?   Stevie Wonder 4.  What ...
Trivia Question answers for Tuesday March 10, 2015 1. Which instrument does the Leader of an orchestra play?    Violin 2. What series of movies starring Clifton Webb was adapted to a TV show in 1985?  Mr. Belvedere 3. Which US gangster described himself as a used furniture dealer on his business ...
Trivia question answers for Monday March 9, 2015 1. What was the pen name of author Theodore Geisel?   Dr. Suess 2. What country singer was the first person to "turn a chair" on season 2 of the TV show "The Voice"?  Rae Lynn 3. How many watts make a kilowatt?   1,000 4. The design of the package ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday March 8, 2015 1. Which Wagner opera shares its name with a doomed ship?  The Flying Dutchman 2. Which state is located directly to the east of Washington D.C.?   Maryland 3. In the "Back to the Future" movie, what speed did the DeLorean have to reach to activiat...
Trivia question answers for Saturday March 7, 2015 1. What note is the highest string of a violin usually tuned to?  E 2. What is the alternative name for the Greek Island of Zakynthos?   Zante 3. What body organ produces insulin?  The Pancreas 4. How many horizontal rows of stars are there on th...
Trivia question answers for Friday March 6, 2015 1. By what collectve name are Medusa, Stheno and Euryale usually known?   Gorgons 2. How long did New York's first subway take to build?  4 years 3. What planet is the coldest in our solar system?   Uranus 4. Wht does "Meri Kurisumasu" mean in Japa...
Trivia questions for Thursday March 5, 2015 1. What Welsh actress filled the role of Velma Kelly in the movie version of Chicago? Catherine Zeta-Jones 2. Which US state capital is both the oldest and the highest in the country? Santa Fe 3. Where does Julia Roberts go shopping in the 1990 movie "P...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday March 4, 2015 1. In ancient Greece, what river did the souls of dead people have to cross?   Styz 2. In what type of container was Lord Nelson's body returned to England?   Cask/Barrel 3. What is the only insect that can turn its head?   Praying Mantis 4. Wha...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday March 3, 2015 1. What comic strip character is the owner of a dog named Otto?   Sgt. Snorkel 2. Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean?  Charles Lindbergh 3.. What is the maximum number of characters that one can use in a Twitter tweet? ...

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