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Trivia question answers Friday April 17, 20151. What does the Latin circa before a date mean?   about2. Who is Mufasa's son in Disney's movie "The Lion King"?   Simba3. What general led the Mexicans in the siege against the Alamo?   Santa Ana4. What non-alcoholic syrup is made from pomegranate ju...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 16, 20151. Whose "Luncheon of the Boating Party" prints and posters hung in mllions of homes in the 1980's?Pierre-August Renoir's2. In the Simpsons, what kind of factory is next door to where the Krusty the Clown show is taped?A box factory3. What H-word...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 15, 20151. Who wrote the novel "Of Mice and Men"?   John Steinbeck2. What director died four months before the release of his movie "Eyes Wide Shut"?   Stanley Kubrick3. What decade saw the first US postage stamp issued?  1840's4. What is the atomic num...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday April 14, 20141. In which much told legend does a magician sell his soul to the devil?   Faust2. Which Greek goddess gave her name to the city of Athens?   Athena3. What characteristic of light allows it to be separated into a spectrum of color?  wavelength4. W...
Trivia question answers for Monday April 13, 20151. Who wrote the "Millennium" novel series?   Stieg Larsson2. The island country of Grenada is also known as what?  Island of Spice3. Which country did the first European settlers of New York come from?    The Netherlands4. If you are a pupaphobe, ...
Trivia questions for Sunday April 12, 20151. Which Beatles song is partially in French?   Michelle2. What is the modern day equivalent of Formosa?  Taiwan3. Who was the first US President to be assassinated?   Abraham Lincoln4. What does an entomologist study?  InsectsTrivia questions for Monday ...
Trivia questions for Saturday April 11, 20151. Who devoured a cake with the words "Eat Me" written on its currants?   Alice2. Which US state is named after a King of England?   Georgia3. In what period of the Mesozoic era did dinosaurs first appear?   Triassic4. The official Spalding NBA basketba...
Trivia question answers for Friday April 10, 20151. What is the name of Frodo's faithful gardener in "The Lord of the Rings"?   Lucifer 2. Who played he role of the Joker in the 1989 "Batman" movie?   Jack Nicholsen3. What poision is known for having the aroma of bitter almonds?   Cyanide4. In wh...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 9,20151. What was the name of the cat in Walt Disney's movie "Cinderella"?   Lucifer2. What kind of stone is the Taj Mahal made of?   Marble3. What did Charles Moncke?   The Monkey Wrench 4. Carl Lewis won gold medals in what event at four consecutive Su...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 8, 20151. What is the only nation that borders both Andorra and Portugal?   Spain2. "Pizza the Hut" was the villain in what sci-fi spoof?   Spaceballs3. Triton is a moon of which planet?   Neptune4. Who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates?   Paul Allen...

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