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Trivia question answers for Sunday January 11, 2015 1. According to Exodus, what is the third plague of Egypt?   Lice 2. Which present day US state did Ponce De Leon explore?   Florida 3. In Disney's "Pinocchio", what is the name of Geppetto's cat?   Figaro 4. What is the main source of food for ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 10, 2015 1. What is the name of the gypsy girl who Quasimodo fell in love with?   Esmeralda 2. What US city is famous for its French Quarter?   New Orleans 3. What city is beseiged by dragons in the 2002 movie "Reign of Fire"?   London 4. In 1853, what...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 9, 2015 1. What group of artists was known for its paintings of the Catskill Mountains? Hudson River School 2. What Australian state surrounds the city of Canberra?   New South Wales 3. Who was America's adversary at the Battle of the Midway?  Japan 4. W...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 8, 2015 1. What is the world's smallest country?   Vatican City State 2. The artist Richard David James is better known by what stage name?   Aphex Twin 3. What noted black leader organized the first "Million Man March"?   Rev. Louis Farrakhan 4. When ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 7, 2015 1. What is the oldest symphony in the US?   New York Pnilharmonic 2. What are the names of the children on "The Adams Family"?   Pugsley and Wednesday 3. Roadrunners are the members of what family of birds?  ZCuckoos 4. What US auto maker prod...
Triva question answers for Tuesday January 6, 2015 1. What are the transducers on an electric guitar called?   Pickups 2. Where were the first Academy Awards held at?   The Roosevelt Hotel 3. In which war was the battle of Naseby?  First English Civil War  4. What is the middle part of an atom ca...
Trivia question answers for Monday January 5, 2015 1. What does the double-0 indicate in 007?  A license to kill 2. Lopez Island, Orcas Island and Waldron Island all belong to what archipelago?   San Juan Islands 3. What sport did Gerald Ford play at the University of Michigan?   Football 4. What...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 4, 2015 1. What two girls did Arhie and Reggie hang aound with?   Betty & Veronica 2. The Thousand Islands are located in what body of water?   St. Lawrence River 3. Which famous BBC presenter goes by the name of Jezza?   Jeremy Clarkson 4. Who became Ki...
Trivia questions for Saturday January 3, 2014 1. Which character killed Cock Robin?   The Sparrow 2. Lake Champlain is located in Vermont and in which other state?   New York 3. What actress plays Arwen in the movie "The Lord of the Rings"?   Liv Tyler 4. The Pathfinder spacecraft landed on what ...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 2, 2015 1. How many books are there in the New Testament?   27 2. Which US State is directly south of Georgia?   Florida 3. Whose first film was the documetary "Roger and Me"?   Michael Moore 4. Which old silver coin was worth four-pence in medieval Engl...

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