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Woke up this morning enthusiastic about the meet-up at high noon at the Prairie Moon Restaurant at 1502 Sherman Avenue in Evanston Illinois. Made the coffee and settled in to spend some time on Active Rain. I knew we would have a turnout of Noah Seidenberg, Alan May, Margaet Goss and Gene Mundt. ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 4, 2016 1. What children's books character lives in the Hundred Acre Woods? Winnie the Pooh  2. Which US state is nicknamed the "Sunflower State"? Kansas  3. What Kubrick film features gangs of punks loose in future England? A Clockwork Orange  4. What ...
Trivia questions for Wednesday August 3, 2016 1. Who wrote the novel "Valley of the Dolls"?Jacqueline Suzann  2. What Caribbean island nation's name comes from the Portuguese word meaning "bearded ones"? Barbados  3. In what year was the hit game "Minecraft" released? 2009  4. What was Che Guevar...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 2, 2016 1. What Victor Hugo title character was enamored with a poor gypsy girl named Esmerelda? Quaisimodo  2. What is the only nation that borders both Israel and Libya? Egypt  3. Where is the film predator set? South America  4. What was Cambodia once...
Can't wait for Friday meet-up. Get to meet Alan May, Margaret Goss, and Gene Mundt in addition to seeing Noah Seidenberg again. Not too late to join us. Sally and David Hanson from Brookfield Wisconsin are trying to clear their busy calendar. Hope they can make it! Hope to hear from a few more of...
Trivia questions for Monday August 1, 2016 1. What armless statue in the Louvre is described as "the most famous work of art of the ancient Greek sculpture? Venus de Milo  2. What disability does Dustin Hoffman's character have in the movie "Rain Man"? Autism  3. What year was the United Nations ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 31, 2016 1. Who created the comic book character Wonder Woman? William Moulton Marston  2. Indianapolis is the capital of which US state? Indiana  3. What was the real name of the gangster known as Pretty Boy Floyd? Charles Floyd  4. What color is the 3 bal...


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