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Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 7, 20181. Who directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Steven Spielberg2. What is the study of production of materials at low temperatures called? Cryogenics3. What US President was nicknamed "Honest Abe"? Abraham Lincoln4. What hall-of-fame quar...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 6, 20181. What number is a thousand thousands? A Million2. Which character did John Ritter play on the TV show "Three's Company"? Jack Tripper3. What name was attached to Germany's World War II submarines? U-boats4. What color is pure caffeine? WhiteTr...
Trivia question answers for Monday February 5. 20181. If you have singultus, what do you suffer from? Hiccups2. Which state is nicknamed the "Sooner State"? Oklahoma3. In what organ of the human body would you find the loops of Henle? The Kidneys4. What was Sheri Lewis' hand puppet called? Lamb  ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday February 4, 20181. What was the name of John Travolta's character in the 1977 movie "Saturday Night Fever"? Tony Monero2.Which part of the body does the adjective "renal" refer to? Kidney3. What sport was most frequently featured in Degas' paintings? Horseracing...
Trivia question answers for Saturday February 3, 20181. Who is generally regarded as the inventor of the internal combustion automobile? Karl Benz2.  Hoe many territories does the US administer over? 163. What hurricane devastated Charleston, South Carolina in 1989? Hugo 4. Who was the first solo...
Trivia question answers for Friday February 2, 20181. What subject does Miss Sherman teach in the musical "Fame"? English2. Which is the fourth planet from the sun? Mars3. What is a kookaburra?  Bird4. In motor racing, what color flag is used to communicate stopping of the racing session? RedTriv...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 1, 20181. Which blood type is universal? O negative2. Which company was the source of a deadly gas leak in Bhopal, India? Unin Carbide3. How many symphonies did Beethoven compose? 94. Honeydew is a variety of what? melonTrivia questions for Friday Feb...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 31, 20181. What animal's head appears on the handle of Mary Poppins' umbrella? A parrot2. What is the fifth largest country in the world? Brazil3. What is the branch of mathmatics that deals with the size and shape of objects? Geometry4. What do the l...


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