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Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 30, 20181. Which great painter's nickname translated literally to "The Greek"? El Greco2. What year did the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occur in Chicago? 19293. What is the Ishihara Test used for? To check color4. What is the smallest ocean? The Arti...
Trivia question answers for Monday January 29, 20181. What US city is home to mile high stadium? Denver2. Which breed of dog gets its name from the Latin word for earth? Terrier3. What vitamin is known as the sunshine vitamin? Vitamin D4. Providence is the capital of which US state? Rhode IslandT...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 28, 20181. How many cylinders did the first generation Dodge Viper have? 102. What is May's birthstone? Emerald3. Shark Island was an infamous Civil War-era prison in what state? Florida4. What name is shared by the rivers that run through Deniston, Texa...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 27, 20181. Which US president appears on the far left at Mt. Rushmore? George Washington2. Oldest son Al was the first ringmaster of what famous circus? Ringling Brothers3. What superteam includes Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wonder Girl? The Teen Squ...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 26, 20181. What is the atomic number of gold? 792. Alan Shepard was scheduled to command Apollo 13 before switching missions with what astronaut? Jim Lovell3. What ficticious murderer first appeared in the story "String of Pearls: A Romance"? Sweeny Todd...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 25, 20181. Goitre is mostly caused by the lack of what element in the diet? Lodine2. What was the name of Ashley Wilkes' plantaton in "Gone With the Wind"? Telve Oaks3. What is the fear of gods or dieties known as? Theophobia4. Where is the Horse racin...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 24, 20181. How many arms does a typical snowflake have? six2. What epic film was based on a novel by Lew Wallace? Ben Hur3. What was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery in 1888? Brazil4, What US state is home to the Hopi Indian Reserva...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 23, 20181. What wine barrel contains 126 gallons? Pipe ot butt2. The "Wandering" species of what bird has the longest wing span in nature? Albatross3. Who was fired from the Interior Department in 1865 for having written "Leaves of Grass"? Walt Whitman4...
Trivia question answers for Monday January 22, 20181. Junko Tabei was famous for being the first woman to do what? Reach the summit of Mt. Everest2. What is the common name for the main vent at the top of a volcano? Crater3. What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer may use in a round? (don't ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 21, 20181. What common office supply item is named for the Asian "abaca" fiber used to make them? Manila envelopes2. George Catlin is best known for his paintings of whom? American Indians3. What university presents the annual Pulitzer Prize journalism a...

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