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Trivia question answers for Friday February 22, 20191. What does a chrome-dome have a shortage of? Hair2. What was the first flavor of the malt beverage named "Zima"? Lemon-Lime3. The single-portion takeout named "bento" originated on what country? Japan4. By what name is Theodore Kaczynski bette...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 21. 20191. What caused fjords? Glaciers2. What is the name for Germany's high-speed highways? Autobahn3. What rare economic condition results when rising prices and recession occur at once? Stagflation4. On maps, what is the technical name for the "yo...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 20, 20191. What is a group of mosquitoes called? Scourge2. Boo Boo is he companion of which cartoon character? Yogi Bear3. What round-bottomed cooking vessel did China introduuce to the culinary world? The Wok4. What soft drink called itself "The Un-...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 19, 20191. Before switching to the Euro, what was the monetary unit of Italy? lira2. Where might you drink Retsina wine? Greece3. How many words rhyme with purple? None4. What is a Texas Ruby Red? GrapefruitTrivia questions for Wednesday February 20, 2...
Trivia question answers for Monday February 18, 20191.What form of theater was the subject of many of Degas' paintings? Ballet2. What three words did George Bush say before "no new taxes" in 1988? Read my lips3. What name is given to the unit of electrical resistance? Ohm4. In the Western Union's...
Trivia question answers for Sunday February 17, 20191.What brand was famous for its Little Liver Pills? Carter's2. What brand of breakfast cereal has the phrase "Two Scoops" emblazoned on its box? Kelogg's Raisin Bran3. Which brand of soda was the second to be produced no by The Coca-Cola Company...
Trivia question answers for Saturday February 16, 20191. In medieval times, what was an Iron Maiden used for? Torture2. How many of the engines can a 747 pilot able to see from his cockpit window? None3. How many pool balls are on the pool table at the start of a game? 164. How many times is a tr...
Trivia question answers for Friday February 15, 20191. What is the correct name for a virgin cow? Heifer2. According to Elton John, what were we hopping and bopping to? Crocodile rock3. What color is always at the top of a single rainbow? Red4. What route runs from Chicago to Los Angeles? Route 6...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 14, 20191. With which hand do soldiers salute? Right2. What does the abbreviation ROI stand for in the financial world? Return on investment3. What was the original name of "TV Guide"? TV Digest4. What color is pure caffeine?  WhiteTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 13, 20191. What does flora refer to? plant life2. Which New England state was an independent republic for 14 years before joining the union? Vermont3. What insulates the ice cream to prevent it from melting in the hot dish "Baked Alaska"? Merinque4. ...

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