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Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 17, 20191. What does the word "economy" mean in Ancient Greek? Household management2. Which ingredient provides the red color in a Tequila Sunrise? Grenandine3. The person who invented machine-spun cotton candy was what kind of a doctor? Dentist4. Cha...
Trivia question answers for Monday September 16, 20191. A Roman nose is notable for its prominent what? Bridge2. What was called a "Zenith Space Command" when it was introduced in 1956? TV remote control3. How many colors are there on a Rubik's Cube? Six4. According to Irixh superstition, what st...
Trivia question answers for Sunday September 15, 20191.The asterism commonly called the "Big Dipper" can be seen in which constellation? Ursa Major2. The adjective "callipygian" refers to someone who has a beautiful what? Butt3. What common object is designed to recall the bloodstained bandages o...
Trivia question answers for Saturday September 14, 20191. What secret society is the oldest men's club in the world? Feemasons2.. What brand was famous for its Little Liver Pills? Carter's3. How many standard bottles of wine are there in a Nebuchadnezzar? 20 bottles4. What cartoon legend became t...
Trivia question answers for Friday September 13, 20191. A fathom is how many feet? 62. What is the name of Ronald McDonald's big purple friend who loves McDonald's milkshakes? Grimace3. In a scrabble game, what is the term for using all seven letters in one turn? Bingo4. What animal has been call...
Trivia question answers for Thursday September 12, 20191. Who directed Raiders of the Lost Ark? Steven Spielberg2. In poker, five cards of the same suit is called a what? Flush3. What Toyota sports car had to be renamed the "Celica Sports Package" in January 2005? Tsunami4. What takes exactly eig...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday September 11, 20191. What is the first nation you would reach after heading due east from New York City? Portugal2. In the classic movie "Animal House", what was the name of the college? Faber College3. What is the name of the Volkswagen in Disney's "The Love...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 10, 20191. The Portugese man-of-war is a type of what? Jellyfish2. People with hypertrichosis have lots of what? Hair3. What flavored jellybeans were created for United States' President Ronald Reagan's inauguration? Blueberry4. What is the NATO phone...
Trivia question answers for Monday September 9, 20191. How many pounds does a US gallon of water weigh? 8.32. "Dig' em Frog" was the mascot for which Kellogg's breakfast cereal? Honey Smacks3. What is the name of the second biggest planet in our solar system? Saturn4. What mythological creature w...
Trivia question answers for Sunday September 8, 20191. What vegetable gets its name from the Latin word for "branch"? Broccoli2. Early American colonists boiled blueberries in milk to make what? Gray paint3. Which Kellogg's cereal was advertised by Tusk Tusk the Elephant? Choco Krispies4. Which p...

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