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Trivia question answers for Saturday 7, 20191. What was John F. Kennefy called by his friends? Jack2.  Who did Bruno Mars start his singing career as a child by impersonating? Elvis Presley3. What actually is a shooting star? A meteor4. When did construction of the Berlin Wall begin? 1961Trivia q...
Trivia question answers for Friday September 6, 20191. What stopper, necessary for champagne, did medieval monks invent? The Cork2. What Kellog's product was introduced to compete with Post's insuccessful "Country Squares"? Pop-Tarts3. Above 5,000 feet. coffee beans tend to develop a high level o...
Trivia question answers for Thursday September 5, 20191. How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have? 82. What does a Scoville unit measure? Spiciness3. What position was first held by Steve Allen? The Tonight Show host4. What musical instrument is played to wake up soldiers? BubleTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday Septemver 5, 20191. What is a male donkey called? A jack2. There are 293 ways to make change for a what? A dollar3. A shark's skeleton consists of what? Cartilage4. What does a chrome-dome have a shortage of? HairTrivia questions for Thursday September 5, 201...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 3, 20191. What is the highest number that can be called in a game of Bingo? 752. What was Princess Diana's maiden name? Spencer3. What style of pants is named after an island in the Gulf of Naples? Capri pants4. What do the initials stand for in  PGP ...
Trivia question answers for Monday September 2, 20191. Which is the largest of the Caribbean islands? Cuba2. What is Mickey Mouse's dog's name? Pluto3. Which letter stands for the Roman number 50? L3. What letter is the least used in the English language? ZTrivia questions for Tuesday September 3...
Trivia question answers for Sunday September 1, 20191. What South African antelope lent its name to a brand of athletic shoe? The Rhebok2. How many white stripes are there on the American flag? SIx3. What cosmetic brand gets its name from the Latin for "snow-white"? Nivea4. What past car maker's ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 31, 20191. What disorder's name is derived from Greek for "without appetite? Anorexia2. What song was used as the theme for the Three Stooges? Three Blind Mice3. Which is the only body cell with no nucleus? Red blood cell4. What did the Seven Dwarfs do ...

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