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Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 30, 20191. Who directed and acted in the movie “Reservoir Dogs”? Quentin Tarantino 2. The single portion takeout named “bento” originated in what country? Japan3. How many ounces of coffee are there in a Starbucks “tall” size? 124. What are the small ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 29,  20191. How many years is a semicentennial? 502. What type of race is the Preakness Stakes? Horse race3. What team did Vince Lombardi coach to two Super Bowl victories? Vince Lombardi 4. In 1982, who began selling spaghetti sauce turning over all pr...
 Trivia question answers for Monday January 28, 20191. During what war was the novel M*A*S*H set? Korean War2. How many US states border Mexico? 43. Who was born Farrokh Bulsari? Freddie Mercury4. What plant does the vanilla bean come from? The orchidTrivia questions for Tuesday January 29,  2019...
Trivia questions for Sunday January 27, 20191. What company's famous plaid pattern is called "novacheck"? Burberry’s2. The name of what ancient game is derived from the Hindu word for twenty-five?Pachisi3. What were barcodes first used for? To label railroad cars4. What is the crucial card in the...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 26, 20191. At most, how many Friday the 13th can there be in the same calendar year? 32. The first Starbucks outside the North America was opened in what city? Tokyo3. What brand was famous for its Little Liver Pills? Carter's4. What is the Minute Maid...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 25, 20191. In pool, what color is the 6-ball? Green2. The skin of what animal is used to make the finest grade Morocco Leather? Goat3. What number of Downing Street serves as the residence for the Prime Minister of the UK? 104. The "Boss of the Plains" w...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 24, 20191. Who was known as the "Clown Prince" of basketball? Meadowlark Lemon2. What beer's name means "lion's brew" in German? Lowenbrau3. What does the abbreviation SUV stand for? Sports utility vehicle4. "Friends of Bill W" is another name for what...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 23, 20191. What is the syrup darained from raw sugar? Molasses2. Helen Kelleer was related to what former Confederate general? Robert E. Lee3. Besides corn, what is the other principal ingredient in succotash? Lima beans4. Which car manufacturer's nam...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 22, 20191. What was the original brand of cereal whose mascot was Sugar Bear? Super Sugar Crisp2. What does the "touch of Midas" turn everything into? Gold3. How many red stripes are there on the American Flag? 74. What produce was originally called "Ba...
Is it possible to follow the rules if you have not read them? Must be so! Sometime many years ago, I think 2008, I was invited to join AR by Steve Hoffacker . I joined and did nothing until 2009 or 2010. As usual, started reading posts and slowly started commenting.Next thing was my own posts and...

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