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Trivia question answers for Monday December 30, 20191. Which scientist wrote the book "A Brief History of Time"? Stephen Hawking2. For which brand was Michael Jackson shooting a commercial when his hair caught on fire? Pepsi3. What is measured in fathoms? The depth of water4. How many territories...
Trivia question answers for Sunday December 29, 20191. From what language did English borrow the word "wok"? Cantonese2. What is the name for a baby crocodile? Crocklet3. What pigment turns plants green? Chlorophyll4. What is the name for the group of men who elect a pope? College of CardinalsTri...
Trivia question answers for Saturday December 28, 20191. What original work was the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" based on? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2. How many states were admitted to the union in the twentieth century? Five3. What kind of twins are also called "dizygotic...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 27, 20191. Boo Boo is the companion of which cartoon character? Yogi Bear2. Allen Stuart Konigsberg is more famous as who? Woody Allen3. In the famous logo, what is the Morton Salt girl holding in her right hand? An umbrella4. An episode of what sitcom ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday December 26, 20191. What company has a mascot named Poppin' Fresh? Pillsbury2. How many players are there in a standard basketball team? Five3. What is the crucial card in the game of Hearts?The queen of hearts4. What is the most popular animal eaten before it...
Yesterday was a first in the trivia series as all participants got all four questions right, or at least it was declared that way! It is now the day after Christmas and the questions return. For many maybe even three days in a row with all four answers correct. We'll see. Trivia questions for Thu...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 24, 2019Today is fill in the blank!Twaz the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!Trivia questions for wednesday December 25, 2019Everyone gets all four right today!Happy Holidays!Merry Christmas...
Trivia question answers for Monday December 23, 20191. What word describes the habit of some berars for sleeping through the winter? Hibernation2. What was the name of Henry Ford's only son? Edsel3. What constellation represents a hunter with a club and shield? Orion4. In Japanese, what kind of c...
Trivia question answers for Sunday December 22, 20191. Which of the seven dwarfs wears glasses? Doc2. From which language do the terms "love' and "duece" originate? French3. What is the fear of wealth known as? Plutophobia4. What planet was the first to be discovered by mathematical prediction an...
Trivia question  answers for Saturday December 21, 20191. What mission was the first successful manned mission to land on the moon? Apollo 112. What magazine ran the famous cover of a very pregnant Demi Moore in the buff? Vanity Fair3. What fruit was referred to as "Golden Apple" in Greek myth? A...

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