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Trivia question answers for Monday January 21, 20191. What company was founded in 1976 by the "two Steves"? Apple Computer2. How many stripes are there on the US flag? 133. What word is used for an adult female sheep? Ewe4. Which game of chance was originally called "Beano"? BingoTrivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 20, 20191. What is an organism called that lives on or in a host animal? Parasite2. What was the name of the man who took over the Maxwell Motor Company and renamed it after himself? Walter Chrysler3. What is the traditional herb in pesto sauce? Basil4. ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 19, 20191. What was Ralph Lauren's first product? A necktie2. How many horizontal rows of stars are there on the U.S. flag? 93. What athletic apparel company took its name from the Greek goddess of victory? Nike4. What cut of beef, often used for hambu...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 18, 20181. What sport did hall-of-famer Mickey Mantle play? Baseball2. What electronics company used the ad slogan "Just Slightly Ahead of Our Time"? Panasonic3. What was the first flavor of Life Savers candy? Peppermint4. What is the longest running US ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 17, 20191. Which element of the periodic table is named after the Norse god of thunder? Thorium2. What candy used the ad slogan "Get the sensation"? York Peppermint Patties3. Eclairs are said to have originated in which country? France4. What is the pl...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 16, 20191. What soft drink used the ad slogan "Obey your thirst" for almost two decades? Sprite2. Which Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees the right to a speedy trial? 6th3. What relative does a Russian call "babushka"? Gran...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 15, 20191. What is the smallest marine mammal? The sea otter2. Where was King Arthur's court? Camelot3. Who directed Resovoir Dogs? Quentin Tarantino4. Which car manufacturer was the first to introduce seat belts as a stanfard feature in their vehicles?...
Trivia question answers for Monday January 14, 20191. What number is represented by "D" in Roman numerals? 5002. Which music genre literally means "new trend" in Portuguese? Bossa Nova3. What is a second full moon in a month called? Blue Moon4. What badge number was retired by the LAPD when Jack ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 13, 20191. Who was the star of the 1928 movie "Steamboat Willie"? Mickey Mouse2. Which country did bagels originate from? Poland3. What trade name comes from combining the French words for velvet and hook? Velcro4. What did my true love give to me on the...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 12, 20191. What science deals with the behavior of projectiles? Ballistics2. Where were fortune cookies invented? United States3. What two colors make purple? Red & blue4. An English fire hydrant is said to be the inspiration behind the unique bottle o...

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