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Trivia question answers for Friday February 28, 20201. March, April and May are the only months that have what? Anagrams - Charm, Rival, Yam2. What does breaking the sound barrier cause? A sonic boom3. What disease devastated America's population of Elm trees? Dutch Elm Disease4. What was the fir...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 27, 20201. What "-itis" is an inflammation of the liver? Hepatitis2. What ape has a name from Malay for "man of the forest"? Orangutan3. How many teeth does Bugs Bunny have? Two4. What treat takes its name from a drink the Aztecs called Xocoatl? Choco...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 26, 20201. What was Twitters original name? twttr2. Which planet has the most gravity? Jupiter3. Which bone are babies born without? knee caps4. Which mammal has no vocal chords? GiraffeTrivia qiestions for Thursday February 27, 20201. What "-itis" i...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 25, 20201. What would be scored by the Apgar score? Health of a newborn2. The material nylon is named after what two cities? London and New York3. On what island is King Arthur buried? Avalon4. What gland do all mammals have? MammaryTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Monday February 24, 20201. What state was "Steak 'n Shake" founded in? Illinois2. What is measured in Becquerels? Radioactivity3. What movie sees Elvis Presley sent to the slammer for manslaughter? Jailhouse Rock4. What is the diameter of a basketball hoop? 18 inchesTr...
Trivia question answers for Sunday February 23, 20201. Who was the first African American woman to host a TV show? Oprah Winfrey2. What are To and Jerry? Cat and mouse3. What name is given to a smooth oval hill created by glacial shift? Drumlin4. Where would you find your Glabella? Between your e...
Trivia question answers for Saturday February 22, 20201. What does the Mohs scale measure? Mineral hardness2. What is tattooed on Popeye's arm? An anchor3. What does a pulsar emit? Electromagnetic radiation4. What is the opposite of nocturnal? DiurnalTrivia questions for Sunday February 23, 20201...
Trivia question answers for Friday February 21, 20201. What is the name of the heavy material stabilizing a ship? Ballast2. How tall is the Academy Award statue? 9.5 inches3. What is a male beaver called? A buck4. What are scaup? DucksTrivia questions for Saturday February 22, 20201. What does th...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 20, 20201. In Greek mythology, who flew too close to the sun? Icarus2. How many symphonies did Ludwig van Beethoven compose? 93.What's the name for the chemical and electrical connections formed at the gaps between nerve cells? Synapses4. Which stairc...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 19, 20201. What is believed to be created when a star collapses? A black hole2. What sort of food are "rollmops"? Fish3. What type of wool can come from a rabbit? Angora4. What five-letter word did Time magazine coin in 1926 to refer to left-leaners?...

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