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Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 29, 20201. What city was Martin Luther King, Jr. killed in? Memphis2. What Walt Disney character originally had the name Mortimer? Mickey Mouse3. Who kept searching for his long lost shaker of salt? Jimmy Buffett4. Who famously said "When in doubt tell ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday April 28, 20201. What percentage of air is nitrogen? 782. What is the only US state whose name is just one syllable? Maine3. Angora wool is produced from what animal's coat? The Angora rabbit4. what meal-in-a-box is called the San Francisco treat?  Rice-a-RoniT...
Trivia questions for Monday April 26, 20201. What bird has the largest beak relative to its body size?  The Toucan2. What vegetable is found in dishes served "Florentine" style? Spinach3. Which is longer, a python or boa constrictor? A Python4. How many red squares are there on a standard checker...
Trivia question answers for Sunday April 26, 20201. In medieval times, what was an Iron Maiden used for? Torture2. What is the oldest and most numerous class of animals? Insects3. Copper gets its name from which Mediterranean country? Cyprus4. What is a parsec a unit of? LengthTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Saturday April 25, 20201. A photic sneeze is often caused by what stimuli? Sunlight2. What is the common name for the condition dyspepsia? Indigestion3. What word did Alexander Graham Bell suggest for answering the phone? Ahoy4. What is a small group of islands called?...
Trivia questions for Friday April 24, 20201. What is the term for mass per unit volume? Density2. Which is the only Portuguese speaking Latin American country? Brazil3. What is formed when light is bent by layers of hot air? A mirage4. Who was Ronald Reagan's first wife? Jane WymanTrivia question...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 23, 20201. Which chemical element gets its name from the Greek for "Violet-colored"? Iodine2. Which planet is named after the God of the Sky? Uranus3. A male swan is called a what? Cob4. What bird is associated with Lundy Island? PuffinTrivia questions f...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 22, 20201. What is the deadliest jellyfish in the world? Box jellyfish2. What planet is tilted on its axis more than any other? Uranus3. A baby oyster is called a what? A spat4. What do Teal pumpkins represent to Trick or Treaters? Non-food treatsTrivia...
Trivia questions for Tuesday April 21, 20201. A pluot is a hybrid of what two fruits? Plum and apricot2. What two letters in American Sign Language require a finger movement? J and Z3. What color is octopus blood? Light blue4. What is a group of squirrels called?  Dray or scurryTrivia questions f...
Trivia question answers for Monday April 20, 20201. What was the title of the TV series MASH theme song? Suicide is Painless2. How often must one perform a Quotidian task? Daily3. What color diamond is produced if it contains traces of boron? Blue4. The pivot point of a lever is called what? Fulc...

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