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Trivia questions for Saturday May 30, 20201. Which US state has the least rainfall? Nevada2. What object marks the ceremonial location of the South Pole? A red and white striped pole3. Electrum is a natural alloy of silver and what other metal? Gold4. What beer is known as the "champagne of bottl...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 29, 20201. What is a Chinese gooseberry? A kiwifruit2. What are there 270 of in the average baby but only 206 in an adult? Bones3. Who sang "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"? Lesley Gore4. What is sometimes referred to as Zulu time? Greenwich mean ti...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 28, 20201. Who devised the Trojan Horse and led the men hidden inside it? Odysseus2. What color code represents a life-threatening emergency in hospital lingo? Blue3. What does Amoco stand for? American Oil Company4. What country was margarine first patent...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday May 27, 20201. What was the name of Little Orphan Anne's dog? Sandy2. The lumbar spine consists of how many vertebrae? Five3. How deep is a fathom? 6 feet4. What is the warmest continent? AfricaTrivia questions for Thursday May 28, 20201. Who devised the Troj...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday May 26, 20201. What fruit was referred to as the"Golden Apple" in Greek myth? Apricot2. How many canine teeth are there in a normal set of human teeth? 43. The curlew is a type of what? Bird4. What author's name means "two fathoms deep"? Mark TwainTrivia questi...
Trivia question answers for Monday May 25, 20201. Not counting Elvis, which actor is mentioned by name in the Shania Twain song "That Don't Impress Me Much"? Brad Pitt2. What animals teeth are used as knife blades by Natives? Beavers3. Who hit .202 2ith three homer's while playing outfield for th...
Trivia question answers for Sunday May 24, 20201. What city's opera house does "The Phantom of the Opera" prowl? Paris"2. What bird lays the smallest egg in relation to its size? Ostrich3. What country is the original home of Bacardi rum? Cuba4. The Newbery Medal is awarded annually for what genr...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 23, 20201. What is the main source of food for the badger? Gophers2. Who was the Roman God of love? Cupid3. The cecum is the pouch at the beginning of what?  Large Intestine4. What percent of a jellyfish is water? 95%Trivia questions for Sunday May 24, 202...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 22, 20201. Perfecto, torpedo and parejo are all shapes of what? Cigars2. What is Hershey's most popular product? Reeses Peanut Butter Cup3. Panophobia is the fear of what? Everything4. What famous TV cops drove a 1974 Ford Torino? Starsky and HutchTrivia que...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 21, 20201. Klaxon horns were used on what type of vehicle during World War II? Submarines2. What color was Oscar the Grouch before he was green? Orange3. Who was the only clean shaven US president in fifty years between Grant and Taft? William McKinley4. W...

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