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Trivia questions for Sunday May 10, 20201. How many scents can the human nose detect? More than one trillion2. What are catfish missing that most other fish have? Scales3. What brand of cigarettes were a major sponsor in Formula I racing? Marlboro4. A Sone is a unit of what? LoudnessTrivia questi...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 9, 20201. What US president loved Fresca so much he had a soda tap installed in the Oval Office? Lyndon Johnson2. What is the hardest substance in the human body? Enamel3. What brightly colored monkey is the world's largest? The Mandrill4. What is a group ...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 8, 20201. What is known as Ireland's kissing rock? The Blarney Stone2. The color of the tongue is pink only if it is what? Germ free3. What do you get when you add fresh fruit to red wine? Sangria4. What does Pinnochio in Italian mean? Pine eyesTrivia questi...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 7, 20201. A June bug is what type of insect? Beetle2. What is the name of the cafe in the TV show "Friends"? Central Perk3. In which direction do speed skaters race? Couter clockwise4. What do whales feed their young? MilkTrivia questions for Friday May 8,...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday May 6, 20201. What Egyptian pharaoh was known as "The Boy King"? Tutankhamen2. What is the 3-letter term for a young goat? A kid3. Who is Liza Minnelli's mother? Judy Garland4. What is another term for a badminton bird? ShuttlecockTrivia questions for Thursda...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday May 5, 20201. Who is the Greek counterpart to Cupid? Eros2. What is the opposite of the Orient? The Occidental3. What did Yankee Doodle stick in his hat? Feather4. Which is Earth's smallest Ocean?  ArcticTrivia questions for Wednesday May 6, 20201. What Egyptia...
Trivia question answers for Monday May 4, 20201. What color appears in the middle of a rainbow? Green2. Which author hosted a 1960 fishing competition that Fidel Castro won? Ernest Hemingway3. What's the collective noun for a group of gull's? Colony4. Harry Truman was the first US president of wh...
Trivia question answers for Sunday May 3, 20201. What is the most abundant metal in Earth's crust? Aluminum2. Gluten is a type of what? Protein3. What islands are home to most of the world's blue-footed boobies? The Galapagos Islands4. Who was the first male to appear on the cover of Playboy Maga...
Trivia question answers for Saturday May 2, 20201. Which penguin siex is larger? Males 2. Who began his career as "The Cherokee Kid" the trick roper in Texas Jack's Wild Wesr Circus"? Will Rodgers3. What does "Honolulu" translate to in English? Sheltered harbor4. What brand of melty cheese was in...
Trivia question answers for Friday May 1, 20201. What planet has the shortest year? Mercury2. Gene Siskel owned the iconic white suit from what movie? Saturday Night Fever3. IQ tests are designed to produce what number as an average course? 1004. How many minutes does it take to complete a 12 rou...

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