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Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 9, 20201. A light shining atop of Big Ben's tower indicates what? Parliament is session2. How many times faster does sound travel in water than on air? Four3. What branch of a\mathematics is named for the Latin for"small pebble"? Calculus4. The flowers of ...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 8, 20201. What city was the setting for the film "Die Hard"? Los Angeles2. Which food of the gods gives immortality? Ambrosia3. Who was the first actor in history to decline an Oscar? George C Scott4. What precious metal did alchemists call "luna"? SilverTr...
Trivia question answers for Sunday June 7, 20201. Which breed of dog gets its name from the Latin for earth? Terrier2.Where do bumblebees normally nest? Underground3. Betsy Ross was born with a fully formed set of what? Teeth 4. What breakfast favorite with a hole in the middle is the equivalent ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday June 6,  20201. What is the common name for the fruit known as "Citrus Grandis"?  Grapefruit2. Where do fallen Norse warriors go? Valhalla3. How many Great Lakes are there? Five4. When did seat belts become a mandatory equipment on US cars? 1968Trivia question...
Trivia question answers for Friday June 5, 20201. What kind of dog is Pluto's girlfriend? Pekingese2. In the eye, what is the more common name for the condition also known as "lens opacity"? Cataract3. Which actor is known as "The Fonz"? Henry Winkler4. What name is given to the full moon closest...
Trivia question answers for Thursday June 4, 20201.What festival was billed as "Three Days of  Peace and Music"? Woodstock2. What TV sidekick was portrayed by Jay Silverheels? Tonto3. What sandwich bread takes its name from the Itali for "carpet slipper"? Ciabatta4. What is 70 percent of 70 perce...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 3, 20201. What bay is actually the United States largest tidal estuary? Chesapeake Bay2. What was Winnie the Pooh's original name? Winnipeg3.The Clio award is an award given in what field? Advertising4. The term "black market" was first used during which...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 2, 20201. Who popularized the song "A Boy Named Sue" in 1969? Johnny Cash2. What item would a tailor measure in linges? Buttons3. What is the study of pronunciation called? Orthoepy4. What female dog is the secret object of Underdog's affection?  Sweet Mol...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 1, 20201. What do deciduous trees do? Lose their leaves in winter2. How fast can bees fly? 15 miles per hour3. What tiny vessel connects an artery with a vein? capillary4. What city, third largest in the USA, has a mayor who announced a curfew and instructe...
Trivia question answers for Sunday May 31, 20201. Layers of soil are known as what? Horizons2. Who was known as the King of Pop? Michael Jackson3. What common sock pattern is named for the westernmost region of Scotland? Argyle4. What is Canada's popular sport that is not hockey? CurlingTrivia qu...

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