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Trivia question answers for Wednesday December 30, 20201. How many arms does a squid have? Ten2. What two planets in our Solar System possess no moons? Mercury and Venus3.  On the Fahrenheit scale, there are 180 degrees between which two important points? Freezing and boiling points4. Who was the...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 29, 20201. What sports figure was known as "The Wizard of Westwood"? John Wooden2. What animal can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in just one night? A mole3. The poet Ogden Nash wrote "Candy is dandy, but liquor is ..." what? Quicker4. Which planet in our ...
Trivia question answers for Monday December 28, 20201. A cat-o'-nine tails is a type of what? Whip2. How many states does the Appalachian Trail traverse? 143. What is the second smallest country in the world? Monaco4. How many sizes does the Grinch's heart grow on Christmas Day? 3Trivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Sunday December 27, 20201.  How many items in a gross? 1442. In Europe, what are measured in "Paris Points"? Shoe sizes3. What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongue? Seoul4. What type of plant is an Organ Pipe? CactusTrivia questions for Monday D...
Trivia question answers for Saturday December 26, 20201. What do you get when you add fruit to red wine? Sangria2. The Latin name for copper comes from what island where the ore was mined? Cyprus3. Who painted "Water Lilies" Claude Monet4. From what language did English borrow the word "schmaltz"...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 25, 20201. Who, traditionally, delivers presents under the tree on Christmas morning? Santa Klaus2. How is the sleigh powered? Reindeer3. Who helps make toys at the North Pole? Elves4. What, traditionally, do naughty children get? A lump of coalTrivia q...
Trivia question answers for Thursday December 24, 20201. A male horse is known as a colt until it reaches what age? Five2. How many dots are there on a pair of dice? 423. What letter is most used in the English language? E4. The city of Chicago lies in which state? IllinoisTrivia questions for Fr...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday December 23, 20201. What is the name of King Kong's home island? Skull Island2. How often are brain cells replaced? Never3. What is water that is safe to drink referred to as? Potable4. Who was the first actress to appear on a postage stamp? Grace KellyTrivia...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 22, 20201. How many events are there in a heptathalon? Seven2. What is a group of clams called? A bed3. Which once-common disease was also known as the "Great White Plague"? Tuberculosis4. What is Albumen the correct term for? Egg WhiteTrivia questions...
Trivia question answers for Monday December 21, 20201. In which state is it illegal to eat an orange in a bathtub? California2. Who played Chad Gates in the 1961 movie "Blue Hawaii"? Elvis Presley3. How much liquid can be placed in a 10 gallon hat? 3/4 of a US gallon4. What mammal gains 200 pound...

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