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Trivia question answers for Saturday January 30, 20211. What was the leading cause of death during the American Civil War? Disease2. What is the record snowfall in Phoenix, Arizona? One inch3. What non-alcoholic syrup is made from pomegranate juice? Grenadine4. What is the common name for the con...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 29, 20211. What is formed when light is bent by layers of hot air? A mirage2. How may teaspoons are there in a cup? 483. All of the clocks in Pulp Fiction are stuck at what time? 4:204. Which land mammal has the most teeth? Giant ArmadilloTrivia question...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 28, 20211. What sense is most closely linked to memory? Smell2. What is the name for a human third molar? A wisdom tooth3. What is the longest snake in the world? Reticulated Python4. What is the opening section of an opera called? The overtureTrivia q...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 27, 20211. What disease, caused by the bacteria Y pestis, is spread by fleas and rats? Bubonic plague2. What animal has the most teeth? Snails3. A group of caterpilars is called a what? An army4. Which letter accounts for one of every eight used in wr...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday January 26, 20211. Which ancient people first mined and smelted copper? Egyptians2. Poison Ivy is a relative of what plant? Cashew3. How often do your taste buds regenerate on average? Every 10 days4. Bruxism is a medical term for when a person does what?  Bad ...
Trivia question answers for Monday January 25, 20211. Which is considered the fifth sense? Touch2. Do ants sleep? No3. What artist said, "Every child is an artist"? Pablo Picasso4. Who said "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"? Mae WestTrivia questions for Tuesday January 26, 20211. Which ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday January 24, 20211. What kind of animal is the "horny toad"? A lizard2. What are Persian apples known as today? Peaches3. What is the leading female singer in an opera called? The Prima Donna4. What is the Binot-Simon Scale use to measure? IntelligenceTrivia ques...
Trivia question answers for Saturday January 23, 20211. Aphenphosmphobia is the fear of what? Being touched2. What was the first country to make broadband internet access a legal right? Finland3. What popular Walt Disney character shares a name with a planet? Pluto4. What do you eat when you acce...
Trivia question answers for Friday January 22, 20211. What is the Spanish word for navy? Armada2. What is often referred to as the most slippery substance in the world? Teflon3. Which US territory is the country's southernmost point? American Samoa4. How many bones are in the human skull? 22Trivi...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 21, 20211. What is the only mammal with four knees? The elephant2. What is the name given to the white part of a person's eye? Sclera3. What is a device to stem the flow of blood called? A tourniquet4. How much of the population is left-handed? 10%Triv...

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