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Trivia questions for Friday February 7, 20201. Vermilion is a shade of what color? Red2. What color is the legendary Hope Diamond? Blue3. Peter Marshall was the host of what game show for 15 years? The Hollywood Squares4. What is the most popular Twizzler candy flavor? StrawberryEnjoy your day. T...
Trivia question answers for Thursday February 6, 20201. What is rainfall measured with? Ombrometer, udometer, or pluviometer2. Over what ocean did Amelia Earhart disappear? Pacific3. What was John Ritter's character's name in the TV show "Three's Company"? Jack Tripper4. What is the world's faste...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday February 5, 20201. What is the world's widest river? The Amazon2. What bird has the biggest eyes of any land animal? The Ostrich3. Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of what whiskey? Jack Daniels4. What two planets in our Solar System possess no moons? Me...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday February 4, 20201. What status did astronomers downgrade Pluto to in 2006?Dwarf planet2. What good little witch is Casper's friend? Wendy3. What bird lays the largest eggs? The Ostrich4. What kind of animal is the "horny" toad? A lizardTrivia questions for Wedn...
Trivia question answers for Monday February 3, 20201. From what country did the US buy the Virgin Islands? Denmark2. How is the year 2000 written in Roman numerals? MM3. What other name are killer whales known by? Orcas4. A statue of Lady Godiva stands in the centre of which English city? Coventr...
Trivia question answers for Sunday February 2, 20201. Who sang the 1956 song "Ape Man"? Nervous Norvus2. What is the hardest known naturally occurring mineral? Diamond3. What was the name of Tom Sawyer's aunt with whom he lived? Polly4. Ham is taken from what part of a pig? Hind legTrivia questio...
Trivia question answers for Saturday February 1, 20201. How many rivers does Saudi Arabia have? None2. What color was Oscar the Grinch before he was green? Orange3. What town was the setting of The Andy Griffith Show? Mayberry4. In France, what would you buy in a Boulangerie? BreadTrivia question...
Trivia question  answers for Friday January 31, 20201. What constellation represents a hunter with a club and shield? Orion2. What was Norm's name on the TV show "Cheers"? Peterson3. What is another name for the prairie wolf? Coyote4. What planet in our solar system is known as the Earth's twin? ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday January 30, 20201. What is the curved line between any two points on a circle? An arc2. Who is smarter than the average bear? Yogi Bear3. Which two fruits are an anagram of each other? Lemon and melon4. What continent was the original home to the red tomato? S...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday January 29, 20201  Who was the Roman demigod best known for his strength? Hercules2. What process does milk undergo to become yogurt? Bacteria fermentation3. On the pH scale which number represents "Neutral"? 74. What are the four famous last words of the boo...

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