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Trivia question answers for Friday August 21, 20201. What's the name of the Jolly Green Giant's sidekick? Little Green Sprout2. In 1954, nuclear testing awoke what famous monster from the Pacific Ocean? Godzilla3. Who was known as the Lady of the Lamp? Florence Nightingale4. Technically, what typ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 20, 20201. What is the curved line between any two points on a circle? An arc2. Vodka and coffee liqueur make what cocktail? Black Russian3. What is the slowest moving, living land mammal? Three-toed sloth4. What is the calorie a unit of? EnergyTrivia q...
Triivia question answers for Wednesday August 19, 20201. What is the technical name of the pound sign? Octothorpe2. What 1980's show starred Bruce Willis in a detective agency? Moonlighting3. Which US president was nicknamed "His Rotundity"? John Adams4. What do you have if you are suffering from...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 18, 20201. Joe Cool is an alter ego of which comic strip character?  Snoopy2. What toe is the foot reflexology pressure point for the head? Big toe3. What color does a chameleon turn when its trying to war up? Black4. What is the sixth planet from the su...
Trivia questions for Monday August 17, 20201. Who was the Greek god of the sea? Poseidon2. Which animal lives in a "drey"? The squirrel3. The cobnut is the fruit of what tree? Hazel4. How many beans of coffee are needed to make an espresso? 42Trivia questions for Tuesday August 18, 20201. Joe Coo...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 16, 20201. What auto engine part uses exhaust gas energy to pressurize the intake air? Turbocharger2. What kind of wine accompanies Hannibal Lescter's liver and fave beans dinner? Chianti3. Who appeared on the first cover of TV Guide? Lucille Ball4. Who h...
Trivia questin answers for Saturday August 15, 20201. What is the largest whale? Blue whale2. What two US states have the word "Mountain" in their nicknames? Vermont and  West Virginia3. What is the fear of wealth known as? Plutophobia4. At Bingo, which number is two fat ladies? 88Trivia question...
Trivia question answers for Friday August 14, 20201. What is the longest running sporting event in the United States? The Kentucky Derby2. How many years did prohibition last in the United States? 133. How many different campaigns did the Crusades have? 94. What is the opposite of the Orient? The...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 13, 20201. In Greek mythology, who fell in love with his shadow? Narcissus2. What was the gang name of John Travolta and his cohorts in the mobie "Grease"? The T-birds3. What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its cover? National Geographic...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday August 12, 20201. Anthracite and bituminous are two types of what mineral? Coal2. The first US. state park was created in which state? California3. What must a mole do every four hours or die? Eat4. What causes the holes in Swiss Cheese? BacteriaTrivia questi...

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