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Well, as we are rolling along to the end of April, I can say that this is the best time to purchase a home in Johnson County KS. What does this mean exactly? This means that there is more product on the market than there are people to buy them. The home prices have begun to drop to reflect the la...
Holding an agent walk through open house, sometime referred to as an agent tour or office tour, is a great way to get feedback on your listings. Many offices usually have the agent tour set on a particular day of the week; I know in our office we do these on Tuesday morning's right after the off...
Good day, this is my first blog post and, well, it may be one of the worst posts that you have ever read. (I hope not) I wanted to share with you all the results that I get by posting open houses to craigs list and some of the analysys that I have derived from it. First I want to say that Craig's...

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