In case you missed Pat Kennedy's top picks for the week.  This is something I look forward to each Sunday.  Thank you Pat, for all that you do for this community. It's been a long week and a long day.  And sorry guys, I know it's late, but it's time to turn out this week's list, so here it is: Sh...
I thought this was some really interesting history about our area, compliments of Joanna Cohlan.  I will never look at the Palisades the same way, and I'm thankful they are still there. Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century New York and New Jersey became really good friends? Alwa...
In case you missed this from Craig.  He shows you how to easily sort your posts on # of clicks. This can help so you focus on doing more of the same types of posts that tend to do well.   Here was my comment: In terms of my #'s, the priority posts are on my blog.  My top FAQ has over 65,000 click...
Gail definitely has the right idea here.  Specializing has a  LOT of benefits, as she has so beautifully demonstrated here.  So glad to hear that her business continues to grow and flourish.   Most of you know me as the crazy real estate lady whose business strategy for the past ten years has bee...
Great advice here from Tammy on how we should change up things so that our sites are seen as being more authoritative.  Thanks as always, Tammy. Do you post news articles on your blog from major news sources and site the source? Do you do it more than you write original content? How about market ...
In case you haven't seen this contest yet.  I'm not sure why it isn't featued yet or in the contest section, but hopefully, that will be resolved by tomorrow. I want each contestant to come up with their personal, unique, one of a kind tag-line, slogan or short mission statement for themselves. I...

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