Some great info here from Kyle about using video.  Sounds like their social media summit will be a good one, so if you're in the area, you may want to consider attending. This is a game changer.  You're going to want to share it with everyone who does video. And everyone who does NOT yet do video...
Hillary is trying to sell her Fleetwood home.  If you have any advice for her, please leave a comment on her original post.  Hopefully, this will close fast. HERE'S OUR ELEGANT WESTCHESTER FAMILY HOME FOR SALE -- JUST BLOCKS FROM AWARD WINNING SCHOOLS, CHARTERS & PAROCHIAL K-12s -- FLEETWOOD 1055...
This is a great series from Sheila.  I'm currently working on Week 1 - decluttering.  Since I got back to my place on Sunday, I'm doing a little each day.  Hoping that by this Sunday, my place is in pretty good shape.   This is my first in a series of posts about improving your life. We can all u...

Women of Westchester Working Together

Women helping Women get ahead
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