It's always hard when you've lost a loved one, and if you've inherited a house on Long Island, the house can serve as a reminder of your loss.  Sometimes, people want to keep the inherited home and move in, other times people want to sell it quickly so that they can have closure, and other times,...
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home. I just published a new post I wanted to share with you!Easy Decor Ideas for Valentine’s DayI love decorating for Valentine's Day and have many other posts about Valentine's Day ideas on my blog: Heart-Shaped Treats for Valentine’s Day — Cookies, Pizza, and B...
Getting a divorce is always tough, and it can be even more stressful if you need to sell your house ASAP.  If you're now each living on a single income and now need two homes rather than one, it may be more challenging for both of you to afford your new living situation. Sometimes, making a move ...
With the high price of healthcare, many more people are running into massive debt due to medical bills, even if they have health insurance.  If you or a family member has a serious illness, the bills can rack up super fast. You need to focus on getting better (or taking care of your loved one), a...
If you live in the Northeast or Midwest...or anywhere that gets a lot of snow (like we do in here in New York), this post may seem out of place because it's snow season.  And, I can't wait until the snow is done and spring gets here. But, spring will come again and knowing this information to pre...
Liens are never fun.  They can come in many forms including a tax lien, a medical lien or even a mechanical lien for work that contractors did on your home.  If you're planning to live in your house for a while, the lien doesn't effect you. But, as soon as you want to sell, or even refinance, you...
Over time, houses wear down, especially if a house has been neglected for a long time.  This can happen for a number of reasons including if you've rented the house out, didn't have money to invest in its upkeep or if you've inherited a house and your relatives just couldn't keep up with the main...
These days, medical bills can be super high, even with insurance.  If you or one of your family family members has had a serious illness and you've racked up some major medical debt, you may be considering selling your house quickly to pay off those debts (and to move to a more affordable area). ...
The last few years, ticks have been on rise in both Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.  Dogs and cats seem to get them even more often than humans because they are often running around and rolling around in the grass and bushes.  If your dog or cat gets a tick, you'll want to remove i...
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home. I updated this post with the most awesome, last-minute New Year's Eve ideas you can use for the best party - if you are just celebrating alone at home or throwing a big party!  10 DIY New Year’s Eve Ideas 

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