The last few years, ticks have been on rise in both Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.  Dogs and cats seem to get them even more often than humans because they are often running around and rolling around in the grass and bushes.  If your dog or cat gets a tick, you'll want to remove i...
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home. I updated this post with the most awesome, last-minute New Year's Eve ideas you can use for the best party - if you are just celebrating alone at home or throwing a big party!  10 DIY New Year’s Eve Ideas 
This was posted by Dagmar Bleasdale, founder of the lifestyle blog Dagmar's Home. Are you running out of time? Here are 7 last-minute gift ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts!  You can find more ideas on my blog, like this DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe.   
I posted the Christmas Home Tour of our Blue Cottage! Come on over and enjoy the tour I posted on my blog, Dagmar's Home, and check out what I bought at IKEA and used as a table runner! I love putting together tablescapes, and this year I opted for a partly modern, partly vintage look with many b...
If you know my blog, Dagmar's Home, you know that I love being thrifty and frugal and write about it.I love saving money and try to get the best deal of everything: healthy food, home decor, and vacations.I save thousands of dollars by couponing and knowing how to shop for less.In this post, I'm ...
Wow, I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening and it's Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It certainly arrived sooner than I expected.  Today, I made my world famous cheesecake.  Well, maybe not world famous, but famous among my family and our Thanksgiving guests. To be honest, I don't know how it's g...
Yes, as part of my life, I'm doing blogging and social media for others.  For some people, I'm simply setting up 2 hour coaching sessions to teach people how to blog (w/ an SEO approach) so that they can blog better and get found online.  These are for the Do-it-yourselfers.  Some of them already...
I hear this all the time from real estate agents and mortgage brokers.  There are countless sob stories of people not being able to close on their home because they make these simple mistakes...and they were often warned about them by both their agent and their mortgage broker.  So, when you're l...
I finally did it.  I launched my new website.  It's not related to flooring.  It's very new and it still needs a lot of work.  Currently, it's just one page - a mega article.  My site is called Coffee Table Buying Guide. As the name implies, it's a guide for buying coffee tables.  This is meant t...
This is both a recap and a shameless plug.  If you have any upcoming purchases you are planning to make on Amazon, please consider using my link below.  It won't cost you any extra and I'll get a small commission.If you can help me out today, wonderful.  But, this is an ongoing program, so any ti...

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