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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.
Gong Xi Fa Cai! And a Good Year For Real Estate Mortgage Rates!   I love that the Chinese characters for the greeting at lunar new year translate to nothing to do with the change of the calendar. If I have it right (from this site) the greeting is basically “Congratulations and wishing you prosp...
Late on Election Eve and I thought I would try to get out the weekly newsletter with some tidbits on the week’s impact on real estate financing rates. (Side note, the clock has already moved to Tuesday on the East Coast prompting this tweet from @staypuft: November 6th, 2012. The best election d...
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their much anticipated Jobs Report on Friday. Click here for the full report. Responsible reporting agencies noted that fewer jobs were created (net) than were expected and that the unemployment rate dropped, but largely because of people choosing not to lo...
An update: Q2 GDP was released today with a disappointing increase to just 1.7% annual growth rate.  The Department of Commerce report and news release can be found by clicking here. As we reported on Monday, the expectation was for this revision of the June quarter number to get us up to about 2...
• It’s all about Jackson Hole - Bernanke and Draghi both • September is Europe’s month • Hints for the QE3 decision – Charts and GDP The past week we saw good progress in improving interest rates. The chart at the right shows the past 3 months of 10-yr Treasury yields. The month of July was all i...
• Rates have Moved But They Are Still Great 3.750% APR ! • Europe has Checked Out for the Month • Some Good Economic Data This Week • FOMC Meeting in September • Woodland Grandbaby! These have been a couple of tumultuous weeks in the fixed income markets and not because of the Olympics. Right be...
• Europe Votes for Shift from Austerity • Jobs Growth Pales • Impacts on Rates • Teen Tech Tips Before we go to Europe for the weekend’s surprise votes, let me just say sorry I missed you last week. The Woodland clan, all 11 and a half of us were together for a week in the Ocean Beach part of San...
BELOW IS THE DATA SHEET RIGHT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE: KEY POINT: APPLIES TO REFINANCES OF LOANS ORIGINATED BEFORE 6/1/2009. KEY FHA NUMBERS TO REMEMBER: (assuming 96.5% loan) Upfront MI:  Was: 1.0%    Will be 1.75%, but STREAMLINED ONLY 0.1% !!!Annual MI:   Was: 1.15%  Will be 1.25%, but STEAMLINED...
Happy Presidents’ Day! We have a rich history of great Presidents to be honored and it feels good to live in this great land. University of Oregon On The Rocks free ticket offer below (just above the banner.) It has been 5 years already from the 2007 height of the real estate market bubble. Five ...
Here are the Thirteen Essential Un/Employment Definitions for any BLS Jobs Report discussion. Each of these is a smaller subset of something above it. Numbers are as of January 31, 2012 as available. A: US Population ~313,000,000 (Everyone) B: Civilian Noninstitutional Population ~242,270,000 (pe...

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