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Both of these docks just sold, one in Blue Jay Bay and the other in Meadow Bay. With the season approaching there are buyers looking at dock listings wanting to get situated before April. BJB S48D SALE PRICE 65K MBM13 SLIP 7 SALE PRICE 62K   CALL WOODY STAHL 909 754 6119 FOR ALL YOUR DOCK SALES N...
Lake Arrowhead Lake Level The lake level for 2010 is now at full capacity. Overnight the lake filled up 1.5' Any more rain and ALA will need to open the floodgate.       Weather Camera
Listed and sold in less than 30 days! S74 Single Slip Dock In Lake Arrowhead / Blue Jay Bay. Call Woody Stahl for all your Dock Sales needs. (909) 7546119   S74 $135,000.00
2009 Lake Arrowhead Dock Sales Season   Currently there are 26 Dock listings for sale on Lake Arrowhead. Earlier in the season we had 40 listings and we saw prices started to slip. Just after that point we started selling off a lot of the inventory, right down to the 26 that are currently listed....
Here is a list of available docks for sale, please contact me with any questions. Available Docks as of 9/18/2009 Marina / Dam Area$59,500 - NSM 4-14     $69,000 - Dam 2 Slip 8 $47,000 - NSM 4 Slip 7 In Escrow $55,000 - NSM  4 Slip 1 New $49,000 - NSM 3 Slip 19 New Emerald Bay / Palisades Dr$45,0...
Here are few docks for sale / videos from my website, in the Lake Arrowhead Docks for sale area. I took these two listings yesterday.   http://www.golakearrowhead.com/listings/view/1646     http://www.golakearrowhead.com/listings/view/1645    
Lake Arrowhead Dock sales and listings (edit/delete) Here is an updated list of available docks on Lake Arrowhead. They are separated by areas. I have also attached a dock map for your convenience. www.golakearrowhead.com   Year to date we have had 17 dock sales total. Ranging from $36,000 - $139...
Here is a live shot of Lake Arrowhead from my live weather camera Located in the Lake Arrowhead Village. You can check out live views day and night at my website/ lake cam  
While most single slips and half doubles are holding strong the average multiple slip docks are slipping in value. Today there are 31 available docks for sale / listings, - almost twice our average. Here is the cheapest dock for sale in Lake Arrowhead; This is a great dock for sale at the Lake Ar...
Here is a phot from my live lake camera pointing at the McDonald's dock in Lake Arrowhead. For up to date / live photos click here. (Live Lake Arrowhead Web Cam) For more info about Lake Arrowhead visit my website at www.GoLakeArrowhead.com or call me @ (909) 754-6119  

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