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I'm going out this weekend to buy some new toys to use in real estate.  I'd love to get your input on which one to purchase.  I'd like to be able to record interviews, brief meetings, take a tour of the property while I'm listing it, etc. If you have a tool that you absolutely LOVE, can you pleas...
Never Count Your Chickens Until They HATCH! Ok, these sayings are more true today then ever - especially in real estate.As an agent when you write an offer and the contract gets accepted, you think you are done and you are already counting your money. These days, you can never count on anything w...
You never know what you are going to get if you go to see a movie you don't knowmuch about.  Tonight my husband and I went to see the Julia/Julia movie and I haveto say "Thank You" for walking into the movie theater at the time when there is so muchon my mind with blogging and new ventures.  What...
It's hard to believe that the big jackpot in Georgia Lottery is now $325 million dollarsand it can change someone's life forever.  Have you ever thought about how it couldchange your life?  Hmmm... I thought about that today!  I could do a lot of good in this world.  Help others that are currentl...
I'm so happy that this week I am writing 2 (two) checks to a friend who sent metwo referrals 4-5 years ago.  I still remember where these people came from andeven though it's 5 years later, and this client contacted me once again to reselltheir property, I remember where I met them and I am sendi...
I just want to THANK Active Rain for taking me away from all the negativenews and learning more from everyone here about life stories, tips, photos,politics, homes for sale, latest technology, etc.  I have met so many of youhere and I'm so thrilled that we can all share ideas and exchange informa...
Find Your Passion and Figure Out How to Get Paid for It! If you are a parent, or even an uncle or an aunt, remember this advise and shareit with your children, nieces and nephews.  I just heard yesterday that there is onething that all the billionnaires have in common.  It's not their knowledge, ...
There are many tools that Realtors use today to make them stand out againstthe competition.  I want to start a dialogue here with all my colleagues to sharewhat YOU USE that makes you unique and different.  I always call myself the "PURPLE SNOWFLAKE" because many times I watch what everyone is do...
I believe in giving back to my community.  I live in the new city of Johns Creek, GA and I sell real estate which I have been doing for the past 30 years.  Many years ago the most rewarding thing that I used to do is when I worked with the AtlantaChamber of Commerce in the International area.  I ...
I am always in awe, how women empower each other.  We are nurturing moms, wifes, daughters, colleagues to those around us, however, when we get aroundother powerful women we become these STRONG CREATURES that share our stories, help each other do better, help each other.  I feel so very blessed t...

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Dagmar sells Luxury Homes, Commercial, Unique Properties, Churches, Private Islands, Schools, Office Condos, Lots, Land, Retail, Apartments and Mixed Use Developments in Johns Creek, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, Norcross, Buford and Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area. She loves SHARING about advertising, marketing, ideas, dreams, goals, exciting news, friendly tips and anything that Realtor and Real Estate Related Professionals need. She is the Founder of the New Concept called "Become the Mayor Of Your Own Real Estate Village" and her Real Estate Village that she's the Mayor of is called Johns Creek City Guide.