Undoubtedly, everyone needs a house to live in. But do you have to own it? Are you better off renting a property so you have the flexibility to move out when you can? There are many sites like Compass that offer both renting and buying options, so getting an answer to this question can propel you...
Investing in real estate is a highly lucrative option as it has historically fetched better returns than other forms of investment. However, not many people prefer to tap into these returns simply because buying, holding, and selling physical assets are a huge hassle. Imagine, you have a property...
Home renovations are common because they offer many benefits. In general, home renovation projects increase the overall asset value of the property and address any underlying and unknown issues related to electrical and plumbing. Since they improve wealth and health, they are undertaken by many h...
Real-estate investments are an integral part of every investor who is looking to diversify his or her investments and earn good returns from them.The long-term average return on real estate investments in the US is 8.6%, and this is much higher than other forms of investment including stocks. Oth...

Dorothy Mitchell

Writer and real estate agent
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