Having a blog for your business is not; or shouldn’t even be a question at all. With over 400 million people viewing blog posts every month, you would be depriving yourself of the chance to be visible to a large swathe of potential customers if you don’t have a blog. Apart from that, having a blo...
Being in debt is a very stressful experience. It can be very depressing to constantly receive bills and increasingly harsh reminders to pay up what you owe. The most important thing to do when you set out to eliminate your debt is to have a strategy that you’ll follow to the letter. Attempting to...
When you make the decision to move somewhere else, there are many things you’ll need to put in place to ensure that the change is as seamless and convenient for you as possible. From making your new home ready to receive all your possessions from the old one to arranging the shipping company that...
Running a small business can become very tedious very quickly, especially if you don’t have all the funds you need to hire an expansive staff and get all the equipment to make your work more convenient. Many entrepreneurs have made massive success from their small businesses though, turning them ...

Dorothy Mitchell

Writer and real estate agent
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