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Hey there - I saw this info on the news this am - I really hate to see programs get cut - but I want to also focus on PURCHASE - I'll have new information on FHA changes next week or so that are due to be enacted in mid April. Have a great weekend in spite of gas prices, bad news, etc - Hey the e...
Below are commentaries on the rates, and also an inspirational article - I figured we could all use some good news for a change!  Have a safe and Happy New Year; see you Next Year!   From Think Big Work Small   The final day of the year started with the bond and mortgage markets a little better a...
  What a roller coaster week - rates went up on Wed - down a bit today - I wouldn't gamble for too much longer if at all.  The advice from the experts is to "lock on price gains - rates unlikely to be lower). Below are various commentaries - and also info on Oregon State Bond - great program for ...
Happy Friday! The rates aren't very cooperative and are all over the board - definitely a moving target.  Commentaries are below from a variety of sources. I used to be a top producer of the Oregon State Bond loan product - was in the top three of the state for many years running - then when I go...
Lots going on - commentaries below talk about the rate environment and I also included a piece from NPR that discusses the Federal Reserve meeting this last Wednesday.  It "dumbs down" the content and makes it more understandable - I can appreciate that, ha! Have a great weekend - I look forward ...
TGIF - another week and more changes - I wanted to bring to light the self employed client and the types of info that is needed in order to qualify.  We've used pretty standard calculations and analysis over the years but recently the policies have become a bit more stringent.  Copied below is so...
Remember when Bette Davis said "Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride" ---- no truer words were spoken for times like these, eh?  To help your clients get ready for the lending process I'm offering to give you a checklist that our processing dept utilizes - it gives a great insight into what len...
Get ready for the weekend, the Pineapple Express is on the way - first weekend for storm watching at the coast----- Below are various commentaries on what is going on with rates,  Have a great weekend - Monday is Columbus Day so be sure to check schedules to see who is open   From Think Big, Work...
Hey there - Happy Friday!  Another reminder Monday brings about the changes in FHA - please contact me with any questions - hopefully if you have an fha loan it will have the case number issued today; otherwise the mtg ins will be different and the qualification guidelines will also be different ...
Hey there - lots of stuff going on in our industry!  I wanted to get you the latest info on the changes coming to FHA financing - below is info that pertains to the changes - bottom line is to try to get FHA Case numbers assigned before Oct 4th.  The case number can't be assigned until an offer h...

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