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I wonder how much of this is still occurring?  I deal with banks, including Countrywide, daily negotiating short sales.  I have had Countrywide order 3 appraisals for the subject property - all with in 5 days of each other.  I don't recall having the appraiser ever show up, but I know the cost of...
Hello everyone, The very first piece of marketing that I signed up for when I got my license was this awesome newsletter.  I have been using them for over four years, and all my clients, past clients, COI, and potential leads love it!!  I thought I would share it with fellow agents.  I get a new ...
By Martin Crutsinger - AP Economics WriterWASHINGTON — Housing prices, slumping after a five-year boom, are projected to decline in half of the nation's metropolitan areas, with the Northeast, Florida and California among the areas hardest hit.The forecast by Moody's, a private resear...
Boy, are you lucky you are not the seller of that house. You know the one—it’s been sitting on the market for so long that you forgot what it looked like without the For Sale sign in front of it. They decreased the price several times, there are people stopping by to look at it, but the stubborn ...
Let's demystify these "points" you hear about in every mortgage commercial you see or read. Points are a type of fee borrowers typically pay up front in connection with obtaining a loan. One point (short for "percentage point") is equal to 1 percent of the loan amount. For example, on a $150,000 ...
The Phoenix real estate market has changed considerably since last year - from a HOT SELLERS MARKET with only 7,000 active listings, to a BUYERS MARKET with over 40,000 active listings. What does that mean? That there are more homes for sale and buyers have many to choose from. Only the homes pri...

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