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Our blog provides information to real estate professionals about hard money lending and trust deed investments opportunities. We help investors by educating them and providing them investments deals commercial or residential in California. View our blog and if you have any questions please connect with us.
Are you worried that you may be facing foreclosure and not sure what to do? Keep in mind that lenders do not like to foreclose on mortgages. They will end up losing more money in the end, because of all the legal processing and such. Lenders are always willing to work with the borrower, just make...
Getting a commercial hard money loan seems simple. After all, most articles on the subject seem to imply that all you  need to do is  calculate how much you want, let your fingers to the talking, devise a business plan, find your private money lender, convince him to trust you that he can invest ...
Knowing the difference between rehab, bridge loans and hard money loans can better help you achieve your needs.Hard money commercial loans can be confusing enough but when  a borrower first steps out and  is introduced to terms such as rehab and bridge the field becomes even  more perplexing. Tel...
It seems that nearly everyone has some “tip” regarding how you can improve the return on your investment portfolio. In truth, however, there are several traps that are set for those with capital to invest, these days. The stock market remains in flux, investment portfolios managed by “experts” co...
Lending has ground to a halt – anyone who has followed the financial sector over the last decade can attest to that fact. However, there are still property investors that continue to acquire assets. What is surprising is that many don’t realize that these property investors are not using their ow...
Hard money loans seem a wonderful opportunity for those who are shunned by the banks and need the money in a hurry - usually for quick fix or fast purchase.  But commercial hard money real estate loans are also ridiculously expensive and when borrowers  find themselves puffing up a hill to repay ...
Foreclosures are infiltrating nearly every housing market in the country, displacing thousands of families, and leaving empty shells where bustling neighborhoods used to exist. What’s interesting is that many feel that the bank “wants” to foreclose, but in reality, they simply don’t have a choice...
Why Robert Kiyosuki  may think real estate hard money loans worthwhile - as long as you can afford itHard money lenders loan funds when the borrower wishes to invest or flip  property and is rejected by the bank due to shifty credit or  disreputable credit history.  The borrower then has the opti...
One would think that finding a team of the best hard money lenders ever is one of the easiest aspects of the job. And actually it may be - unless you want someone who is honest, skilled, qualified, knows his stuff  and is out to help you achieve your goals as much as he is out to help himself.Ove...
The lending environment has changed dramatically in the last five years in various ways. Most conspicuously, hard money lenders have reversed from going full speed ahead too closely and deliberately  analyzing every  scintilla of their prospective borrower’s credentials. Private-money lenders are...

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